25 May 2018

Paul Renner and Paul Sakoilsky Transformation Corruption and Conservation – Gallery 46

Gallery 46 is presenting the first joint exhibition in London and first full collaboration by Paul Renner and Paul Sakoilsky.

15 February 2016


Paul Sakoilsky: Changing London Landscapes As We Succumb To Borisland

ARTS OMEGA is presenting images of London by the British artist Paul Sakoilsky. The exuberant works particularly his recent paintings ‘Good Night’, ‘Night Study Storm’, ‘Sky/Plane Study’, ‘Blue Moon’ will be a future testament of the tremendous changes that are currently afflicting our city. Cranes can be observed, high above the lofty towers in carnivorous anticipation to decimate […]

7 November 2014


Deptford Stories Launches Mini Arts Festival To Showcase Legends of Deptford

Deptford Stories is more than an exhibition mounted by some very talented artists from the local scene. It is in fact a small arts festival celebrating the lives and legends of Deptford . It launched on Friday 31st October & and will continue until 16th November as follows: Thursd (6th) 3-5pm, Friday (7th) 10-12pm, Sat. […]

1 March 2013


Paul Sakoilsky: Paintings of Significant Objects, People, Memories and Places

Herrick Gallery has been presenting a new exhibition of small-scale work by painter and performance artist Paul Sakoilsky. 
Titled LOVE it is a series of oil paintings operating on the level of cipher, quotation and micro-narrative. Together they form an abstract ‘love poem’, in their depictions of significant objects, people, memories and places in particular […]