21 May 2013

TRIBE : New Installation Explores Themes of Female Adolescence and Feminism

For their exhibition at Peckham Space, Sarah Cole and the TRIBE of eleven young girls (from Southwark Youth Service) played and explored around the themes of female adolescence, feminism, group dynamics, hiding and inclusion. For the short period of seven weeks, they ostensibly formed a tribe of their own and explored its motifs, its ceremonies […]

22 February 2013

David Blandy: Remixing The Gif And Other Radical Hybrid Forms Of Authorship

In his last New Year Quiz for frieze, writer and curator Tom Morton joked that 2013 would see Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit (2012) transform itself into a robot exo-skeleton for the iconic sculptor, and take on Antony Gormley, armoued in his own Angel of The North (1998).  So it was appropriate enough that Morton was […]

6 November 2012


Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen Intimate Cinematic And Formal Beauty

Review – Who’d thought I was describing a film set in Peckham? Larsen’s film 343 Perspectives showing at Peckham Space, quietly reflects on themes of isolation and community in a residential area in South London served only by one form of transport – the 343 bus. Larsen worked with the North Peckham Area Stakeholders’ Group, […]

6 September 2012


Peckham Space Presents Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen Film

343 Perspectives by Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen is a film that investigates themes of isolation and community from the multiple viewpoints of a residential area served by only one mode of public transport, the 343 bus. The exhibition of this new, commissioned artwork marks the first solo exhibition in the UK by this acclaimed artist, […]

12 August 2011


Peckham Space Celebrates First Birthday

Peckham Space and it’s new building is one year and 2 months old. What better time to celebrate a fantastic year with many achievements and milestones. Here is an update of the activity. Peckham Space is London’s newest purpose-built public gallery dedicated to commissioning artworks made in partnership with community groups. Located on Peckham Square, […]