26 November 2018


Peter Howson Artlyst interview – Revd Jonathan Evens

A central member of the group of young artists to emerge from the Glasgow School of Art during the 1980s dubbed the New Glasgow Boys, Peter Howson has become one of his generation’s leading figurative painters.

10 November 2018

Peter Howson: The play is over – Flowers Gallery – Revd Jonathan Evens

‘Life-destroyer’, ‘get lost’, ‘monkeys’, ‘in bad faith’, ‘malediction’, ‘concealed dungeon’, ‘poison head’, ‘parasite’, ‘disenchantment’, ‘lechery’. The titles of Peter Howson’s latest work, in translation from often Latin or Anglo-Saxon words or phrases, give a graphic sense of the content.

15 April 2013


Peter Howson: Madonna And David Bowie Artwork To Be Sold

Preliminary drawings of some of the Scottish artist Peter Howson’s best known works including sketches of David Bowie and Madonna are among 390 items which are being sold by his ex-wife. in order to provide care treatment for their daughter, who has Asperger’s syndrome. Bowie posed for the artist at his London studio in 1994 […]

22 February 2009


Peter Howson paintings stolen

Howson paintings stolen in house raid FOUR paintings by the renowned Scots artist Peter Howson have been stolen from a house, police revealed last night. Each of the 12in by 10in paintings is worth a four-figure sum, and all concern the subject “The Hardman’s Face”. The paintings were not in frames and police yesterday appealed […]