21 December 2015

Nostalgia And Longing Plays Out In Guggenheim’s Photo Poetics Exhibition

I recently attended a guided tour of the new photography show at the Guggenheim in New York. The exhibition is titled Photo-Poetics and our guide was the artist and educator, Filip Noterdaeme. He spoke of this show as a grand ‘adieu’ to the medium of photography.  “Photo-Poetics: An Anthology” at the Guggenheim, curated by Jennifer Blessings, is a group […]

11 September 2015


Black Middle Class Society Explored In New London Exhibition

A new  photography exhibition celebrating the lives of the ‘first black middle-class’ – the children of the 1950s and ‘60s who passed through the British educational system into the professions, changing the shape and appearance of British society. 60 Untold Stories of Black Britain, runs at the Professor Stuart Hall Building (Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, SE14) from […]

18 July 2015

Hannah Collins Leads Three Must See London Photography Exhibitions

As the dry months approach, there’s still some strong work on show around London. some of it in unlikely venues. The idea of ‘Space’, both allegorical and literal, seems an overarching theme in the work of three different but very important photographic artists. First up is the Hannah Collins mini-retrospective at Camden Arts Centre. I […]

9 March 2015


Did You Know That Mr. Spock Actor Leonard Nimoy Was A Photographer?

Leonard Nimoy, who most sci-fi fans knew as the permanently ‘fascinated’ Mr Spock from the original Star Trek series and subsequent film franchise, died recently aged 83. Nimoy was in fact not only an actor, and writer, but an art collector, and patron of the arts, as well as a photographer. Nimoy studied with photographer […]

24 February 2015

Unstuck in Time: Conflict Explored In Tate Modern Photography Exhibition

He sits there lifesize or perhaps larger-than-life, still frozen almost 50 years later, with the vacant stare of a witness struck dumb and nothing at all like the numerous small reproductions seen so often in books and magazines. Don McCullin shot five single frames, each identical, of the US Marine in Vietnam. He didn’t blink […]

1 December 2014

Duration And Conflict Explored In New Tate Photography Exhibition

It’s an ambitious show that seeks to refresh assumptions about a photographic genre whilst also bringing together works from 150 years worth of practice,derived from different artists of  different origin. ‘Conflict, time and Photography’ at the Tate achieves one of these aims, and almost the other. The premise of this very large group show is […]

31 October 2014


Chloé Meunier, The African and Caribbean Community in London.

When Chloé  Meunier speaks of photography, it is almost from a metaphysical perspective. Her cognitive trajectory is based on intuitive perception, but she leads us towards an understanding intimately linked to her deep love of language, a language rooted in emotion and empathy, a language as a root, rather than a system. She speaks of […]

30 October 2014


C/O Berlin Venue Reopens In Germany

It has been nearly two years since C/O Berlin has had a space of its own or hosted an exhibition, now C/O finally debuts its new gallery space today in the German capital. The new venue will be the face of one of Europe’s most renowned institutions for the photographic medium, C/O was forced out […]

2 October 2014


Andrea Hamilton Captures Tidal Resonance and Luminous Icescapes In New Exhibition

A new exhibition titled ‘Water Works’ features two bodies of work on the notion of ‘water’. The projects Tidal Resonance and Luminous Icescapes were developed during the past few years in Florida, Alaska and Iceland by the artist Andrea Hamilton. Both series of images are placed in relation to each other and also to the […]

27 September 2014


5 Tips for the amateur Sculptor

There are many different types of clay that are used in sculpting, each type has specific properties and can vary greatly in terms of handling and finish. Oil-based clay appears unrefined and is difficult to work intricate details, but it is known to remain soft and can be reworked, which makes it the perfect clay […]

17 September 2014

Justine Kurland Sincere Auto Care

Justine Kurland’s show at Mitchell-Innes & Nash is called “Sincere Auto Care’. Every image features our love or dependence on cars. Ms Kurland hit the road herself and didn’t come back from a cross country road trip until she had fully captured the underbelly of American car culture. Using the documentary ‘reportage’ style of early […]

12 September 2014

Nadav Kander – Dust

Photographer Nadav Kander’s latest series of photographs ‘Dust’ exhibited at Flowers, London, explore the vestiges of the Cold War era through the radioactive ruins of secret cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia. The works are rooted in the artist’s interest in the ‘aesthetics of destruction’ with a series of desolate and haunting landscapes. […]

7 September 2014

Horst P. Horst: Superlative Survey Of A Great Photographer Of Style

It’s another coup for the V&A with this superlative survey of the late, great Horst P. Horst. Not only does the excellent exhibition design and intelligent curation highlight what was great about the first great master of fashion photography, the show ties in with the rest of the V&A collections so well as to encourage […]

16 August 2014


Catharsis: Images of Post Conflict Belfast

Journal Chapter: ‘ Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast’  Photographies, Taylor and Francis,  London, June 14, 2013.  Contact Taylor Francis for a free download of this issue of Photographies, Vol.6 Issues 1.

1 March 2014


Chalkie Davies: Seminal Portraits From The 70s and 80s Exhibited In London

The first major British exhibition of the photographer Chalkie Davies, since his groundbreaking show at the Photographers gallery in the 1980s is taking place at the Snap Gallery in Piccadilly . It will run from Saturday 15 March to Saturday 26 April 2014. The exhibition celebrates Davies’ music photographs from the 1970s and 80s and […]

20 November 2013



Final deadline midnight of Tuesday, November 26th Only a few days are left to the final deadline to enter the eight edition of the international contest enabling artists to exhibit their works in one of the most prestigious art venues in the world: the Arsenal of Venice. Choose your section among painting, sculpture and installation, […]

10 September 2013


Sultana Raza’s ‘Perception’ at the Biennale of Chianciano 2013

Paintings, sculptures, photography, and digital art of 120 artists from 30 countries, are tastefully displayed across 3000 m2 of the Museo d’Arte during the Biennale of Chianciano, on from 7-9-2013 to 14-9-2013. Opening night event was attended by hundreds of people, so much so that it was a bit of a struggle to move through […]

7 September 2013


Julian Lennon Launches His First London Solo Show Of Photography

The Little Black Gallery is presenting the first solo show of photographs by Julian Lennon from 7 September – 19 October 2013. Julian Lennon 50, has always felt that he has observed life differently, perhaps because his path through life has been so unusual. Nothing could be more apparent, as he reveals to the viewer […]

30 June 2013

Royal College Of Art Graduate Photography Exhibition 2013

This year’s Photography Graduates at the RCA have put together a surprisingly subdued collection of imagery. Not that the RCA was ever shouty, but in previous years the work in the final show always projected insolent confidence, entitlement even, yet in this batch there seems to be a need manifested to look inside the medium, […]

13 June 2013


Advertising Exhibitions’ LINES feature: Joanne Barlow

Check out our interview with the talented ceramicist Joanne Barlow: LINES Feature: Joanne Barlow

31 October 2012

Photography Given Kudos In First National Gallery Exhibition – Review

The exploration of the relationship between painting and photography is so large a topic that this complex, sober exhibition cannot help but omit some of the key strands that have come to define this symbiosis. Indeed, curator Hope Davis acknowledges this fact when stating the show sets out to make an argument about the links […]

19 October 2012


Tarpey Gallery Midlands Open Exhibition 2012 Call for Submissions

Midlands Open 2012 is Tarpey Gallery’s annual open submissions exhibition, this year taking place from 24th November – 22nd December 2012. The fourth annual Midlands Open aims to offer a visually stunning and diverse exhibition presenting a dynamic array of artworks from all Contemporary Fine Art disciplines. This years exhibition will feature the very best […]

31 May 2012


Spier Award Winner Dave Robertson joins StateoftheArt Online Gallery

StateoftheArt.co.za proudly announces the addition of Dave Robertson’s work to its online gallery. Robertson, an abstract expressionist painter and photographer, is a Spier Contemporary 2010 award winner for his documentary photographic project which focused on informal recyclers in Newtown, Johannesburg. Robertson is a valued member of the StateoftheArt.co.za online community, and we are pleased that […]

28 May 2012


Free Range Showcases Graduate Shows From Across The UK

Free Range is an Old Truman Brewery special project set up by Tamsin O’Hanlon to provide new creative graduates with the opportunity to showcase their work on an international level. Since its inception in 2001, Free Range has become the number one platform and launch pad for the next crop of creatives to showcase their […]

2 August 2011


Cindy Sherman Launches Affordable Art Makeup

The Artist Cindy Sherman has collaborated with the make up company MAC to create her own limited edition ‘Art’ make-up line  the launch date is set for September 29th. The range is being marketed as limited edition affordable art and it comes in the form of bronzer and lipstick and slap. Cindy Sherman was born […]

3 June 2011


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – Photography Comes Of Age

I was overjoyed to see that photography has been given pride of place in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition by being positioned boldly in the Wohl Central Hall – the main hall as you enter the Exhibition. This is a daring statement on the part of Christopher Le Brun the main co-ordinator of this year’s […]

14 June 2010


Circuit Gallery Blog: Night School

CRITICS CHOICE: Nicola Mann writes about Circuit Gallery artist James Rajotte’s compelling photographs of East High School as part of our ongoing series. Read the article on our BLOG > Night School  

17 May 2010


Gesture: Subject and Object


10 March 2010


Press Release for ‘Liminal’ an exhibition by Katayoun Dowlatshahi

  Press Release / 25th January 2010 SPACE University of Portsmouth Eldon Building, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth   One of only a handful of artists worldwide who employ a process called ‘Carbon Photography’ will be exhibiting her work at the University of Portsmouth next week. ‘Liminal’ is a contemporary art exhibition by Iranian-born artist Katayoun […]

24 February 2010


For Expatriates in China, Creative Lives of Plenty

For Expatriates in China, Creative Lives of Plenty by Dan Levin. NY Times arts page, Sunday, 10th January 2010 THERE was a chill in the morning air in 2005 when dozens of artists from China, Europe and North America emerged from their red-brick studios here to find the police blocking the gates to Suojiacun, their […]