15 September 2018

V&A Dundee – Kuma’s Ship Brings Cultural Riches To Scotland – Paul Black

Illuminated by undulating light from the Firth of Tay, and set against a Scottish blue sky – the V&A Dundee is Scotland’s impressive new design museum

11 October 2017

Keith Vaughan Homoerotic Photos From The 1930s To Be Exhibited

A collection of rare vintage homoerotic photographs and collages by the British artist Keith Vaughan (1912-1977) from the 1930s, the majority never previously seen or exhibited, will be on view at Austin/Desmond Fine Art from the 25 October.

3 June 2015


Rare Brigitte Bardot Photos Taken In London To Be Exhibited

A collection of rare and candid photos of the iconic French film star Brigitte Bardot are to be exhibited for (some the first time) at Dadiani Fine Art, the Cork Street gallery which opened for business earlier this year. This fascinating collection of colour photographs of Bardot were taken by Ray Bellisario in 1968, the 13 photos […]

16 May 2015


Grayson Perry Launches His New Landmark House for Essex

Grayson Perry has launched his latest project, ‘A House for Essex’ which has created a new landmark for Wrabness, close to the Essex coast.  The building is a daring and provocative collaboration between FAT Architecture and Grayson Perry. The house is an extraordinary work of architecture and art, which provides a setting for a number of specially-commissioned works by the artist […]

16 October 2014


What Makes Canvas Prints Look Better?

An individual who is a follower of poster art and adores bigger flaunts of photos, it’s most expected that he or she have begin to consider about canvas prints. Many artists aren’t pleased about canvas prints, as these prints offer fine-looking artistic work much economical than a painting. In today’s world, canvas printing work is […]

28 May 2013


Flowing Urban Landscapes

Cultures melting into each other, cities blurring their boundaries, superimposed, without a distinct separation between East and West, North and South. Sultana Raza’s photos lend themselves to existentialist questions. Mysterious isolated figures wander through these urban landscapes, with some of them lost in thought. Perhaps they are wondering who they are, or speculating on the […]

10 September 2011


New Rolling Stones Photo Exhibition Opens in Chelsea

The Decca Years: 1962 – 1971   Running: 15th September – 23rd October 2011    The Proud gallery in Chelsea will be hosting an exhibition of portraits of the Rolling Stones shot between 1962 and 1971. They were taken when the band was signed to Decca Records. The exhibit inclludes the work of some of the greatest […]