28 August 2015


Fig-2 Week 30 – 27 July-2 August – Anna Barham (by AJ Dehany)

Week 30 – Anna Barham – 27 July-2 August Week 30 – 27 July-2 August – Anna Barham (by AJ Dehany) Don’t be evil. In 2007 Google (the well-known lunar landings provider who did the search engine thingy) introduced a free directory inquiry service in the US called GOOG-411. Your call was digitally parsed by the ‘robot […]

28 July 2015


Fig-2 Week 28 – 13-19 July – Patrick Coyle & Francesco Pedraglio (by AJ Dehany)

Week 28 – 13-19 July – Patrick Coyle & Francesco Pedraglio (by AJ Dehany) Fig-2 is famous for its collaborations. The project itself is a direct collaboration with each week’s artist where the artist and curators work closely to craft a seven-day show. Several of the weeks have also featured two or more featured artists in collaboration, and […]

7 March 2015


Alex Katz On Black Backgrounds and His Relationship With Poetry

Artlyst met up with the American Artist Alex Katz, on the eve of the opening of his latest show ‘Black Paintings,’ at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, in London. A talk with the Director of the Whitechapel Gallery, Iwona  Blazwick and the artist took place with a Q&A session. Here is the interview. On Black Backgrounds: […]

21 December 2014


About the ‘Real’ in ‘Portraiture’ Rembrandt van Rijn and the observer

  “Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, knew from the outset, with a sublime compromise, how to fuse the entirety of their personality with the flesh of their subject sitting before them, how to animate it with their passion while it resembled others, to glorify their dreams or their sadness. This, I cannot do, I want to be […]

15 August 2011


A Short Talk By Matthew Lee Knowles

In this ten minute talk I discuss the importance of a particular aspect of my work, which can be linked clearly to science, philosophy, biology, art, poetry, life and music.   I talk of complexity and of the audible, visual and philosophical in music.  Dotted within are quotations, facts, opinions and suggestions.  It is intended […]