30 October 2015


Fig-2 Week 31 – 3-9 August – Broomberg & Chanarin (by AJ Dehany)

Week 31 – 3-9 August – Broomberg & Chanarin “It occurs to me to somehow reimagine the bouffon week as a punch and judy show involving Trump, Berlusconi and Boris. How would that work?” Part one: Punch & Judy (I) ENTER PUNCH PUNCH    Mr Punch is one jolly good chap,He left his baby in the back […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 Art Fund Curator Talk #3 – “Politics of Display” (16 April 2015) (by AJ Dehany)

The third of the eight part seminar series with the title Politics of Display will investigate the charged liminal space between a work of art and audience, and the art institution. Bringing forward Ivan Karp and Steven D. Lavine’s publication Exhibiting Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Display, the seminar will focus on the relationship […]

18 January 2015


One choice left…From Consciousness to Conscience, post Charlie H…

 In response top the recent events of Wednesday 31st of December 2014 “where 10 journalists and two policemen were killed after gunmen opened fire on the Paris office of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo” preceding another event. Published: January 08, 2015 “The shooting is believed to have been carried out in retaliation to the […]

7 December 2014


Contemporary Art: Where’s Your politics? Where’s Your Guernica?

Last month I went to see KP Brehmer. Real Capitalism–Production at Raven Row gallery. I came away feeling elated that such beautiful work could be so politically clever. Brehmer pushed the buttons of Capitalism using its own templates, casting comment across its growing evils using charts, graphs and maps. Brehmer’s work is quiet yet immensely […]

14 January 2011


Con-Dem-Nation: UK

Arts, Cuts, Austerity and Prosperity The short-sighted, position-serving budget cuts and decisions being made by the Coalition government since May 2010 have stirred the waters of unrest in the country so deeply that no-one could possibly deny the diversity of people involved, the depth of feeling solicited and the very real reasons for the protests, […]