2 February 2017


American Abstract Expressionism Triumphs At The Guggenheim Bilbao

It is rare that I feel an exhibition is important enough to review twice on Artlyst but in the case of the Abstract Expressionist exhibition that was unveiled at the Royal Academy, earlier this year.

1 February 2017


Knoedler Fraud Sentencing Sends Out Mixed Messages To Our Unregulated Industry

The Knoedler & Co. gallery fraud case which involved selling $80m/£63m in fake Abstract Expressionist artworks to unknowing collectors seems to be edging to a lenient closure for the corrupt dealer Glafira Rosales.

8 August 2013


Is Beauty Back? New debate released featuring Julian Stallabrass and Sidsel Christensen

Is Beauty Back? The Future of Art Watch Julian Stallabrass, Griselda Pollock and Sidsel Christensen debate the future of art and the return of beauty http://iai.tv/video/is-beauty-back Brought to you by the Institute of Art and Ideas and HowTheLightGetsIn