19 August 2020


Glasgow Print Studio Re-Opens After Lockdown – Clare Henry

The highly regarded GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO will soon be 50. Incredible. Half a century ago its humble beginnings in a rundown former electricians was created from nothing by a group of penniless volunteers – dedicated Glasgow Art School post-graduates wanting a place to work. 

16 July 2014


E Hoeveler commenting Immo Jalass

Elizabeth Hoeveler (ASC) commenting Immo Jalass’s artworks How many dimensions can we see? Three, on a ‘normal day. On a ‘normal’ day, however, I might be fooled into thinking I’m somewhere else – or many other places at the same time, while looking  at Immo Jalass’s digital offerings. I can cross dimensions and have a […]

24 August 2010


The Cardiff Sessions – A Collaborative Print and Drawing Project

Mike Iveson – Christina Wrege – Ian Wilkins   The Project: Sheets of paper were coated with gum Arabic, folded up and sent to the members of the group. Each artist then started drawing on the paper with lithographic crayons and tusche just to send it on to the next artist who had to react […]