29 July 2019

Paul Lock: Celebrating The Arduous Journey To Rehabilitation

Following his debut exhibition last year, Paul Lock returns to the Noho Showrooms from 24 – 29 September with a new body of work, You Simply Are II.

21 August 2016

Survival Strategy: Jesse Krimes Takes Prison Art To A Higher Level

Marking Time in America: The Prison Works (2009-2013) is not a summer curatorial flirtation with an artist just out of Grad School. Instead, the current show at Chelsea’s Burning In Water gallery is by an artist fresh out of prison! The artist, Jesse Krimes, recently served a six-year period of incarceration. While Krimes was an artist before he was placed behind bars, his time – doing time, certainly […]

21 September 2013


Prison Art: Jeremy Deller To Open Koestler Trust Southbank Exhibition

Following on from the successful exhibition at the British Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale, Jeremy Deller who extended arts participation to people in prisons around the UK, will be opening the annual Koestler Trust Prison art exhibition at the Southbank. Jeremy has been actively involved with the Koestler Trust for over ten years: as […]

8 November 2011


Art By Offenders Explores The Dark And Light Side Of Prison Life

UNLESS you’re a master forger the idea of art and crime mixing together might not spring instantly to mind. However a quick duck in to the Southbank Centre this autumn may have you scurrying to re-evaluate that idea and your perceptions of prison life.Introducing Art by Offenders; both fascinating in theme and remarkable in style, […]