4 April 2017


Marlene Dumas Exhibits Oscar Wilde And Lover Bosie Portraits At NPG

Contemporary artist Marlene Dumas (b.1953) displays portraits of Oscar Wilde (1854–1900) and his lover Lord Alfred Douglas (1870–1945), also known as ‘Bosie,’ painted last year and exhibited in Artangel’s ambitious exhibition at Reading Gaol, Wilde’s place of incarceration.

14 September 2016


Inside Reading Gaol Amanda McGregor Asks Who else is imprisoned unfairly?

As the hand that creates, then wipes the tears from the strong, we question the nature of suffering. The architecture of space that is in the human consciousness, which allows for isolation and emotional neglect needs a more defined understanding of it’s infrastructure. We are historically at a point of considered presence in which the need […]

1 September 2016

Inside: Artangel Reimagines Reading Gaol As A 21st Century Art Gallery

Artangel has created what is likely to be the most thought-provoking exhibition of 2016. Known mostly for their solo projects, this is a rare group show and not only includes well-known visual artists but also a number of writers and poets. The concept centres around the notion of separation and what better a place for this, than […]