17 February 2021


Banksy Hula Hoop Girl Removed And Sold From Nottingham Wall

The Banksy mural known as ‘Hula-hoop Girl’ that appeared on a residential street in Nottingham last October has been hacked from the wall.

23 September 2016


Banksy Love Plane Mural Partially Removed From Liverpool Carpark

An internationally known Banksy mural of a biplane located in a Liverpool car park has been removed by culture vandals The Sincura Group, which is known for buying, exhibiting and selling Banksy street works. The company said it had taken the biplane due to redevelopment and it will be restored before it goes on show in its […]

22 August 2016


Listed Banksy Spy Booth Removed From Cheltenham Wall

Has Banksy’s artwork ‘Spy Booth’ been stolen? The listed mural in Cheltenham has certainly been removed. The work of art which first appeared in 2014, three miles from government listening post GCHQ has vanished without a trace and the council who had placed the listing order on the piece are baffled. Last year Cheltenham Borough Council granted it […]