14 October 2014


Rodolfo Villaplana The Naked And The Nude New MOCA London Exhibition

The young Venezuelan painter, Rodolfo Villaplana, aims to create a synthesis of abstraction and naturalistic figuration.  A big ask, you might think? He shows us an abstract, colored space against which float naturalistic banana skins and plastic cups; then naked men and naked women. At first the subject matter doesn’t matter.  But on reflection, it […]

6 June 2014


Rodolfo Villaplana Portraits Explore The Characters Suffering New Venice Exhibition

Should artworks be considered as mere decorations serving the architecture they inhabit or should architecture be seen as the necessary cocoon for the artwork, which, in turn, becomes its core? This is a question that this recent Chelsea MA graduate explores in dept in his work. Architecture is born from humankind’s need for protection; its […]