18 June 2019

Natalia Goncharova: Luboks, Icons And Russian Avant-Gardism – Edward Lucie-Smith

Born in 1881, Natalia Goncharova was a full generation older than Lee Krasner and came from a very different background from that of Krasner’s Jewish parentage.

13 February 2017

Restless Revolutionaries: A Timely Look At Russian Art By Edward Lucie-Smith

The R.A.’s new exhibition, hot on the heels of its magnificent Ab-Ex show, is entitled Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932. That is, it aims to cover what happened in Russian art during the first period of Soviet rule.

18 September 2016


How Contemporary Is This Russian Art Collection On Display in Paris?

A recent donation “Kollektsia ! Contemporary Art in the USSR and Russia.1950-2000” to the Pompidou Centre by Vladimir Potanin one of the wealthiest Russian businessman backed by 20 other collectors and 19 artists amply fulfils its aim to deepen knowledge of Russian art by the French and international audience but it should be the first step towards more ambitious goals. According […]

31 May 2016


MacDougall’s Offers Rare Glimpse Of Palmyra In 1930s Russian Painting

The great Syrian ruins of Palmyra, recently damaged by ISIS, is depicted in its former glory, as viewed in the early 1930s by the Russian artist, Alexander Yakovlev (1887–1938), in his masterpiece, Palmyra, on sale at MacDougall’s Russian Art Auction 8 June 2016. Yakovlev shows Arab women carrying loads through the ruins of ancient Palmyra, once the most beautiful town in the […]

5 February 2014


Visionary Russian Artist Timur Novikov Presents First London Exhibition

The first UK group exhibition of two underground art movements started by the visionary artist Timur Novikov is presented in a new exhibition at Calvert 22 in London. These artworks emerged during the last decade of the Soviet Union and were once the backdrops for underground rock concerts, have now moved into museums and have […]