5 September 2017


21 April 2016

Richard Prince: The Joke Is In The ‘Re-telling’ At Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles HQ is currently presenting an oeuvre of twelve works by the great American appropriation artist Richard Prince. ‘Cartoon Over Cartoon’ is a reprisal of the artist’s preoccupation with jokes and cartoons, and shares a relationship with the artist’s ‘Hippie Drawings’ from the late eighties. Prince’s practice is appropriation. As the inventor of Re-photography […]

14 April 2016


Richard Prince: Cartoon Over Cartoon, Painterly Appropriations At Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles presents the master of appropriation Richard Prince, ‘Cartoon Over Cartoon’ is a reprisal of the artist’s work with jokes and cartoons via collage and the re-contextualisation of the nude in painting. As well as the artist’s infamy gained via the appropriation of images, and Prince’s creation of ‘Re-photography’, the artist has spent a […]

15 March 2016


Photo Feature: Steven Claydon’s The Gilded Bough At Sadie Coles HQ

Artlyst has attended Steven Claydon’s second exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, where surprisingly the viewer is met with the acrid smell of plastic as they enter The Gilded Bough, a display featuring a series of sculptures and installations in which the artist examines the notion of the counterintuitive idea that cloaking an object might allow […]

9 November 2015


Rudolf Stingel’s Transformative Paintings Open At Sadie Coles HQ

For his fifth exhibition with Sadie Coles HQ, Rudolf Stingel presents a new group of paintings. The exhibition marks the opening of the gallery’s new space at 1 Davies Street, Mayfair, and spans this location and the existing space at 62 Kingly Street. In six identically sized square canvases, Stingel examines painting’s capacity to translate […]

13 September 2015


Ugo Rondinone Opens At Sadie Coles HQ

Ugo Rondinone’s autumn exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, clouds + mountains + waterfalls, features three new bodies of work. Each extends the artist’s long-running interests in cosmic or natural phenomena and their reformulation in art. Mediating between geological formations and abstract compositions, Rondinone’s Mountain sculptures consist of rocks stacked vertically on concrete plinths, in groups […]

4 August 2015


Artlyst Photo Special: June, A Painting Show At Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles HQ presents ‘June: A Painting Show’, its summer group exhibition of contemporary painting comprising the work of fourteen international artists of varying ages – including works from late painters – consisting primarily of figurative works spanning five decades. Co Westerik, Woman on bed, 1994, tempera, alkyd and oil on canvas, site size: 119.7 […]

26 March 2015


Jonathan Horowitz: 304.8cm Paintings To Open At Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles HQ presents Jonathan Horowitz’s spring 2015 exhibition ‘304.8cm Paintings’, featuring a new series of paintings traversing themes of art and technology – from the expressive mark, to the printed page, to the digital screen. Uniform in scale – each canvas measures an identical 304.8 cm (ten feet) in height – the works address […]

13 January 2015


Sadie Coles HQ Presents A New Exhibition By Wilhelm Sasnal

Sadie Coles HQ presents Wilhelm Sasnal’s 2015 exhibition bringing together an extensive series of new paintings. With works diverse in size and subject, the artist’s new selection at once bear witness to everyday life and to far-flung moments from history, mediating between realism and fantasy, figuration and quixotic decorativeness. In contrast with the often stark […]

6 November 2014

Matthew Barney Crown Zinc At Sadie Coles HQ – An Act Of Operatic Alchemy

Sadie Coles HQ presents artist Matthew Barney’s exhibition ‘Crown Zinc’ with a series of new sculptures that have their origins in his 2014 film ‘River of Fundament’, which premiered at the English National Opera this summer to wide acclaim. Each work condenses the film’s dominant themes of death, rebirth, and the twilight era of modern […]

8 May 2013


Sam Durant: Heroism Of The Defiant revolutionary New Exhibition

Sam Durant’s third exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, Proposal for Public Fountain, centres on a fountain sculpted from black marble – a prototype for a larger installation in a public setting – together with a series of related graphite drawings.The structure features a reproduction of an armoured water cannon, which sprays a jet of water […]

13 November 2012


Florian Hecker: Ambitious New Sound Works At Sadie Coles

A new exhibition for Florian Hecker at Sadie Coles HQ takes the form of three ambitious new sound works. The pared-down appearance of his installations of audio equipment is countered on a sonic level by the works’ complexity, intensity and extensive duration. In each piece, a nexus of different sounds, both human and synthetic, develops […]

9 December 2011


Sarah Lucas Exhibition To Launch New Gallery

Situation, a new gallery at 4 New Burlington Place, will open in Febuary with an exhibition devoted to the work of Sarah Lucas. The gallery will present new installations in February, May, August and November 2012, alongside an organic programme of events directed by the artist.  The extended displays will include works both new and […]