27 October 2015


Goldsmiths School Of Art Creates Six Refugee And Asylum Seeker Scholarships

The renowned London art school Goldsmiths has created six new scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers as a response to the ongoing European refugee crisis. The scholarships are to be offered by the college as part of its response to the ongoing displacement crisis. Worth more than £140,000 a year in total, the scholarships are […]

19 February 2015


Move over YBAs, you’re past your sell-by dates.

‘Hey you old farts, your work is becoming dull, repetitive and predictable. You’re going round in circles with yer spots, splashes, scratchy scribbles, penes, pointless phrases, dead animals and lifeless work. Oh, and thanks for doing bugger all to help the new generations of artists, who unlike you lot, have to pay exorbitant fees and […]