9 December 2020


Luise Kaish: An American Art Legacy – Clare Henry

Luise Kaish was a key figure in the New York art scene. Petite, 38, beautiful, married and mother of a small child, by 1964

19 May 2020


Artist Susan Rothenberg Has Died Age 75

The American contemporary painter, printmaker, sculptor, and draughtswoman Susan Rothenberg has died age 75. She was best known for her iconic images of horses in which she melded abstraction with representation.

18 October 2014


Igor Mitoraj Sculptor Of Fragmented Bodies Has Died At 70

Sculptor Igor Mitoraj, has died at the aged 70, known for his fractured anatomies and immense bandaged heads, exemplified by Testa Addormentata (Head Lulled to Sleep, 1983, now on display at Canary Wharf, London), – the work was in the style of classicism which the artist combined with technical ability and a post-modern bent. The […]

27 September 2014


5 Tips for the amateur Sculptor

There are many different types of clay that are used in sculpting, each type has specific properties and can vary greatly in terms of handling and finish. Oil-based clay appears unrefined and is difficult to work intricate details, but it is known to remain soft and can be reworked, which makes it the perfect clay […]