19 September 2011


Sculpture Artist Mark Dotzler Seeks Truth

MEDIA ROOTS– Mark Dotzler is an American born sculpture artist who has exhibited with professors from Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Art and has site-specific artwork in the The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. Although Mark had known for years that the events of 9/11 weren’t properly investigated by the US government or corporate controlled […]

2 June 2011


Ecos de la Selva

Ecos de la Selva       (Forest Echo)   Colombia is a country of contrasts: its geographical features encompass the Amazon rainforest, the Andes and the Caribbean coast. Much of my work as a sculptor derives from organic forms and the visual parallels and resonances I uncover between them and human concerns and relationships. An interest in […]

12 November 2010


Birth of the Innocents

In May of this year, I had the opportunity to use the Grade II listed building of the Hornsey War Memorial in Crouch End, North London, for a ‘site specific’ sculpture installation. The exhibition was open for one weekend only, as a part of the annual Crouch End Open Studios. I was in attendance at […]

28 January 2010


Balancing Familes in Stone

Balancing Familes in Stone A Conversation with Boaz Vaadia A sculptor who grew up on a farm, Boaz Vaadia is inspired by the nature around him. Vaadia says of his work, “I work with nature as an equal partner. The strongest thing I address is that primal connection of man to earth. It’s in the […]