2 June 2011


Ecos de la Selva

Ecos de la Selva       (Forest Echo)   Colombia is a country of contrasts: its geographical features encompass the Amazon rainforest, the Andes and the Caribbean coast. Much of my work as a sculptor derives from organic forms and the visual parallels and resonances I uncover between them and human concerns and relationships. An interest in […]

12 November 2010


Birth of the Innocents

In May of this year, I had the opportunity to use the Grade II listed building of the Hornsey War Memorial in Crouch End, North London, for a ‘site specific’ sculpture installation. The exhibition was open for one weekend only, as a part of the annual Crouch End Open Studios. I was in attendance at […]

28 January 2010


Balancing Familes in Stone

Balancing Familes in Stone A Conversation with Boaz Vaadia A sculptor who grew up on a farm, Boaz Vaadia is inspired by the nature around him. Vaadia says of his work, “I work with nature as an equal partner. The strongest thing I address is that primal connection of man to earth. It’s in the […]