29 June 2021


Stolen Picasso and Mondrian Paintings Recovered – George Osborne Appointed Chair British Museum – Phyllida Barlow To Unveil New Work At Highgate Cemetery

Stolen Picasso and Mondrian Paintings Recovered – George Osborne Appointed Chair British Museum – Phyllida Barlow Highgate Cemetery Sculpture

31 January 2016


Stolen Picasso Portrait Of Dora Maar Recovered In Turkey

A stolen painting attributed to the Spanish master Pablo Picasso has been recovered in Turkey by local police. The undercover operation in Istanbul, has turned up “Woman Dressing Her Hair” which was stolen from a collector in New York. The painting features the artist’s lover Dora Maar. It was excuited in 1940 and is considered one of his most […]

14 August 2015


Stolen Picasso Cubist Masterpiece Returns To The Pompidou

A Picasso oil painting valued at $15m (£10m), that was stolen from a Paris museum 14 years ago has been returned by US authorities. The painting titled, La Coiffeuse (The Hairdresser) is considered a cubist masterpiece from Picasso’s most important period.  Created in 1911 the canvas was found in a shipment from Belgium to Newark, New Jersey, in December 2014. The […]

28 February 2015


Stolen Picasso Cubist Painting Recovered In US Fedex Depot

A stolen Picasso cubist masterpiece has been recovered in New York fourteen years after dissappearing from the storage room at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. It will be returned to the French government as soon as possible, a US official has said. The work of art titled, ‘La Coiffeuse’ (The Hairdresser) was sent in a […]

17 July 2013


Art Worth $100m Goes Up In Smoke In Romania

A Romanian woman, who is the mother of one of the suspects arrested for the theft of over €100m worth of art from a Dutch museum, last Autumn has admitted to burning the canvases in order to destroy the evidence. The heist suspect torched the seven stolen masterpiece which, included Monet’s,”Waterloo Bridge” Picasso’s “Tete d’Arlequin”, […]

12 July 2013


Hundreds Of Masterpieces Stolen From Picasso Step Daughter’s Collection

Catherine Hutin-Blay the step-daughter of Pablo Picasso by his second wife Jacqueline has revealed that up to 407 works by the artist have been stolen from her private collection. Drawings, signed prints and catalogues by the artist are included in the missing inventory. The French newspaper Le Parisien, stated that Hutin-Blay’s thefts were first discovered […]

26 October 2011


Stolen Picasso Etching May Have Drug Connection

First Photo Exclusive – Valuable art is often used by Colombian drug dealers as Collateral A valuable etching by Cubist painter Pablo Picasso, valued at $65,000, was stolen on Friday, from a museum in Popayan, western Colombia.The Museum press office alerted the press of the robbery yesterday. The untitled print, signed and numbered by the […]

9 December 2010


Picasso Auction Disputed in Paris

Cancelled Auction Raises Ownership Questions – ArtLyst Breaking News