29 January 2019

Susan Hiller Contemporary Art Investigator And Maker Has Died Age 78

The artist Susan Hiller has died age 78.  Hiller will be remembered not only as a thinker and mentor, but as a powerful and unique voice in contemporary art over the last four decades. Her investigations and revelations of the hidden depths of human imagination found their expression in installation, film, painting, writing, sculpture and […]

16 December 2015


Photo Special: Susan Hiller’s Homage To Joseph Beuys At Lisson Gallery

Artlyst recently attended Susan Hiller’s latest exhibition at the Lisson Gallery, to experience the artist’s investigations into the unconscious and the paranormal in works that hold belief and disbelief in equal tension. In the artist’s debut exhibition at Lisson Gallery, Hiller is presenting a number of recently discovered early pieces as well as celebrated classics […]