15 July 2014


New Kazimir Malevich Exhibition Unveiled At Tate Modern

Kazimir Malevich is the subject of a new exhibition at Tate Modern exploring the abstract geometric shapes and stark colours of this seminal Russian Suprematism painter. Malevich was a radical, mysterious and hugely influential figure in modern art, who lived and worked through one of the most turbulent periods in twentieth century history. This will […]

22 June 2014


Richard Tuttle To Have His Largest UK Survey Exhibition In October

The American sculptor and poet Richard Tuttle will have his UK’s largest ever survey in London this October. It will comprise a major exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery surveying five decades of his career, a large-scale sculptural commission in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and a new publication. Entitled I Don’t Know, Or The Weave of […]

16 June 2014


Sigmar Polke Retrospective Exhibition Announced For Tate Modern In October

A retrospective exhibition of the work of Sigmar Polke (1941-2010) has been announced for this autumn at Tate Modern. Considered one of the most experimental artists of recent times. Alongside Gerhard Richter and Blinky Palermo, Polke was a key figure in the generation of German artists who first emerged in the 1960s.  Tate will present […]

13 June 2014


Cy Twombly Foundation Gifts Major Works To Tate Modern

The foundation created by Cy Twombly, the american artist who passed away in 2011, has made a major donation of works to Tate Modern. The gift is made up of three large late paintings, Untitled (Bacchus) 2006-8, and five sculptures in bronze dating from the period 1979-91. The gift may be shown separately, or together, […]

24 April 2014

Matisse Swan Song Fizzes With Invigorating, Playful Energy: Tate Modern

There is little to fault in terms of curation of ‘The Cut Outs’, a chronological survey of Matisse’s late period of works constrained to the medium of paper and scissors rather than paint and brush, a progression forced by his ill health in this latter stage of his life. Where retrospectives often trace the origins […]

18 April 2014


Anyone could do it – Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

artseer.wordpress.com “I could do that.  Actually, my four year old could do that”.  This reaction, found amidst a discussion thread to a review of Tate Modern’s summer blockbuster, sounds familiar.  “A load of tosh”, “hobbykraft”; “junk”, “utterly insignificant”, and so the thread continues.  Could the gallery have made a terrible mistake and opened a show […]

14 February 2014

Richard Hamilton A Meticulous And Prescient Chronicler – London Retrospective

Richard Hamilton is a truly influential figure in the history of British art; considered to be the founder of the Pop Art movement. This retrospective is a collaboration between Tate Modern and the ICA, and covers the eclectic career of a very important British artist who wanted to get ‘all of living’ into his art. […]

20 January 2014


Tate Modern Announces Hyundai To Replace Unilever For Turbine Hall Commission

This morning, Tate Modern and Hyundai Motor announced the start of their 11-year partnership. Beginning in autumn 2015, Tate will begin The Hyundai Commission, a new series of installations by contemporary artists for the Turbine Hall. Artists will now have the chance to create work for the iconic industrial space, which has served as the […]

20 December 2013


Tate Modern Modelled As Spectacular Gingerbread House For Christmas

Caitlin Levin a food artist from LA along with Henry Hargreaves a photographer from Christchurch, New Zealand has created the perfect edible gingerbread house for Christmas. Modelled as Tate Modern, the work is part of a series which also includes Frank Lloyd  Wright’s Guggenheim and the Louvre pyramid by I. M. Pei. Each work is […]

18 October 2013

Paul Klee An Artist’s Artist: New Tate Modern Exhibition Review

Paul Klee is an artist’s artist.  One thinks of him as a free artist with his fluid lines, blocks of colour and naïve child-like images of cartoonish people, fish and plants but there is so much more to him.  Klee was a meticulous artist, superb draughtsman with a deliberate, scientific approach to his work.  Hugely […]

14 October 2013


Major Paul Klee Exhibition Opens At Tate Modern

A new exhibition of works by Paul Klee (1879-1940) opens Wednesday at Tate Modern. It is the first major exhibition to be mounted in the UK since the late 1980s and promises to be the blockbuster show of the season. Paul Klee was one of the most renowned artists to work at the Bauhaus and […]

4 October 2013


Matisse Cut-Out Exhibition For April 2014: Tate Modern Unveils Plans

Tate Modern revealed plans for a major exhibition of Henri Matisse Cut-Outs, at a press breakfast this morning. It will be the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to the artist’s paper cut-outs made at the end of his life between 1943 and 1954. It brings together around 120 works, many seen together for the first […]

25 September 2013


Ministructures: Tate Modern

As part of our Ministructures series, artist Lucy Sparrow has made felt versions of London’s landmarks. For each iconic building she stitches, we meet a Londoner connected with it. This week, we talk to James Pockson, 24, an architectural assistant working on the Tate Modern extension. Hi James! What do you think makes Tate Modern so great?‘Visually it’s so […]

16 September 2013


Richard Hamilton Retrospective Exhibition Unveiled For February 2014 At Tate

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) was one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century and is widely regarded as a founding figure of pop art. He is someone who continued to experiment and innovate over a career spanning 60 years. Tate Modern will stage the first retrospective to cover the full scope of Hamilton’s […]

3 July 2013


Tate Modern Gets £10m Donation From Eyal Ofer Family Foundation

Tate Modern will receive a major gift of £10 million from the Eyal Ofer Family Foundation to support the completion of the new development of Tate Modern. The donation will contribute to the expansion of one of London’s most visited cultural attractions and will reinforce London’s leading position as a global centre of contemporary art. […]

1 July 2013


Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary African/ Arab Modernist Explored At Tate Modern

Tate Modern presents the UK’s first major exhibition of Sudanese artist Ibrahim El-Salahi (b.1930). Bringing together 100 works from across more than five decades of his international career, this retrospective highlights one of the most significant figures in African and Arab Modernism, and reveals his place in the context of a broader, global art history. […]

14 June 2013


Tate Modern Film Curator Stuart Comer To Head Media and Performance At MoMA

Stuart Corner, who has been curator of film at Tate Modern since January 2004, has been appointed the new curator of Media and Preformance at MoMA in New York. During this period he has overseen film and video work for the Tate Collection and Displays, organised an extensive programme of screenings, performances and events and […]

21 May 2013


POOL Encourages Emerging Curatorial Talent With New Exhibition

POOL, an innovative new programme drawing on a ‘pool’ of works from private collections in order to develop and encourage emerging curatorial talent, will stage its first exhibition some a little sooner, some a little later… from 9 June – 18 August 2013 at LUMA Westbau in the Löwenbräu Art Complex in Zürich. Bringing together works […]

7 May 2013


Tate Modern Mounts Mira Schendel Survey In September

Tate Modern is to stage the first ever international, full-scale survey of the work of Mira Schendel (1919-1988) from 25 September 2013.  Schendel is one of Latin America’s most important and prolific post-war artists. Alongside her contemporaries Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica, Schendel reinvented the language of European Modernism in Brazil. The show exemplifies how […]

2 May 2013


Meschac Gaba Unveils Twelve-Room Installation At Tate Modern In July

Tate Modern is presenting an exhibition by Meschac Gaba (b.1961, Benin), titled Museum of Contemporary African Art 1997–2002. It consists of an immersive twelve-room installation which fuses art and daily life, questioning the nature of the museum and perceptions of African art. Constructed over a five year period, it invites visitors to see and interact […]

12 April 2013


Tate Modern Receives £5m Wolfson Foundation Funding

Tate Modern has been awarded a grant of £5 million from the Wolfson Foundation, a charity which gives funds for excellence in the fields of the arts and the humanities, science, medicine and disability. The Tate  announced the windfall today (12 April 2013). The money will be used for new development and building work at […]

18 February 2013


Roy Lichtenstein Exhibition Expected To Break Tate Modern Attendance Records

The most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to the leading Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein opens at Tate Modern this Thursday. Co-organised by The Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern, this is the first major Lichtenstein retrospective for twenty years, bringing together over 125 of the artist’s most definitive paintings and sculptures as well as several […]

25 January 2013


Tony Oursler’s Multimedia Seance – The Influence Machine Returns To London

Ghostly presences are set to haunt the winter landscape around Tate Modern in an other-worldly installation by American artist Tony Oursler. This large-scale multimedia séance, entitled The Influence Machine, will take place from 18.00 to 22.00 on 15, 16, 18 and 19 February. Oursler, who directed the video to David Bowie’s new single Where Are […]

8 January 2013


Tate Modern Record 5.3 Million Attendance Figure for 2012

Tate Modern one of London’s most popular cultural attractions has seen a record 5.3 million visitors in 2012. This is the highest ever recorded figure for a calendar year in its history. The figure was up 9.5% on the previous year. Tate Britain has also had a good year with 1.53 million visitors coming through […]

31 December 2012


Tate Presents Contemporary Sexual And Gender Politics In LGBT Congress

Tate’s involvement in LGBT month, in February presents a series of events in The Tanks at Tate Modern which considers pressing questions around contemporary sexual and gender politics.  This three-day event series includes films, performances and a symposium featuring work by Pauline Boundry & Renate Lorenz, Carlos Motta, and Wu Tsang. The series seeks to […]

30 December 2012


Maurizio Cattelan Erects Hitler Praying Sculpture In Warsaw Ghetto

A sculpture of Adolf Hitler, praying on his knees by the well known Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, has created controversy after it was installed in the heart of the Warsaw ghetto. Cattelan is no stranger to altercations, his satirical sculpture, La Nona Ora (The Ninth Hour),  depicts Pope John Paul II struck down by a […]

14 December 2012


Hamlyn Foundation £5 million Under 25s Arts Award Announced At Tate

A £5m national arts programme for under 25s funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation was announced yesterday at the Tate in London. The award will be rolled out across the country through selected galleries in the Plus Tate network. Circuit will be launched in April 2013 with a young people’s festival in the Tanks at […]

13 December 2012


Tate Modern Rothko Vandal Get Two Years In Jail

The self-styled ‘Yellowist’ artist, who caused international outrage by tagging a 20th century masterpiece by Abstract Expressionist painter Mark Rothko in the name of a pseudo movement that he created, has been jailed for two years. Wlodzimierz Umaniec surprised gallery goers in October as he icily stepped through a barrier at Tate Modern and using […]

12 December 2012


Kraftwerk Ticket Fail Tate Modern Powered By A 1970’s Computer?

Twitter went into over load mode today as frustrated fans of the German electro-pop band Kraftwerk attempted to log onto the Tate Modern website and order tickets for this highly anticipated event. ArtLyst broke this story and were the first to publish the news that the Tate website shut down as a result of the […]

11 December 2012

Best London Photography Shows of 2012 As Chosen By Kerim Aytac

In honour of the festive list season, and the need to have something to talk about at the countless social events about to befall us all, here’s my list of the best photography shows in London from this about to be past year. If the Mayans were wrong, 2013 promises to build upon what was […]

25 November 2012


Damien Hirst: Verity Switches On The Ilfracombe Christmas Lights

Hundreds of people gathered last night at Ilfrcombe harbour, to witness the official switch on of the newly-installed spot lights illuminating Damien Hirst’s controversial statue Verity. Local businesses donated more than £1,000 for a fireworks display, which took place after the official illumination.Cheers went up as the pregnant, sword-wielding teenager, a modern allegory representing  truth […]

22 November 2012


Vandalised Rothko Will Require 18 Months Of Intensive Conservation

Last month visitors at Tate Modern were shocked when a man defaced Rothko’s “Black on Maroon” (1958) with a marker in the name of a movement called Yellowism.  Now conservators at Tate Modern have revealed that the damage is significant and it could take a year and a half to restore the painting. Vladimir Umanets, […]