24 June 2021


Hello Cunty: Sotheby’s Appropriates The Colony Room – Darren Coffield

The event was a travesty of everything the Colony stood for, organised by people who thought they could recreate a special place.

9 May 2018


Drink-Up Pay-Up F-Off: Tales from the Colony – London’s Lost Bohemia

Darren Coffield’s new book “Tales from the Colony: the Lost Bohemia of Bacon, Belcher and Board” is an authorised history of London’s most notorious arts club.

29 July 2011


The Colony Room Remembered

The Legendary Frankie Stein at London’s infamous Colony Room is Interviewed by Cecilia W Yu  Iprotest – An art exhibition from the minds of Artist Frankie Stein,Nathan & Artist Cecilia W Yu will be taking place late autumn,possibly sooner,in a central London location.”The theme is protest,whether it be London or global. This group will be […]