27 November 2019

Dulwich Picture Gallery Reopens Following Attempted Rembrandt Heist

The Dulwich Picture Gallery, the oldest public gallery in the UK is to reopen on Thursday (28 November) following a break in which targeted two masterpieces by Rembrandt.

7 August 2017

Invader Mosaics Targeted By Paris Art Thieves Dressed As City Workers

Art thieves disguised as Paris street workers have stolen a number of pixelated tile pieces by the French street artist Invader

8 April 2017

Alan Davie – Window Cleaner Jailed For £500,000 Studio Theft

A window cleaner accused of steeling paintings from the studio of the renowned abstract painter Alan Davie has been jailed for four years.

7 September 2016


Drouot Auction House Trial Ends With Thirty-Eight Jailed For Theft

The trial in Paris involving many of the porters and auctioneers at the renowned Hotel Drouot auction house has ended with the jailing of 35 porters and three auctioneers. The defendants, who transported and stored objects destined for sale by Drouot, were found guilty of helping themselves to treasures including diamonds and a painting by Marc Chagall.  They were […]

24 October 2015


Dismaland: Opportunistic Thieves Steal Banksy’s ‘Dismal Aid’ Sign

Bristol street artist Banksy’s ‘crap’ dystopian theme park Dismaland was recently dismantled and shipped to a migrant camp near Calais to make shelters. The famed parked had featured a ruined fairytale castle, a crashed Cinderella coach and miserable stewards wearing Mickey Mouse ears, the unique theme park was designed to satirise commercialised tourist attractions. The […]

20 August 2015


Rodin Sculpture Theft: $300,000 Bust Missing From Copenhagen Museum

A sculpture by the French artist Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) valued at  $300,000 has been stolen from a Copenhagen Museum (Ny Carlsberg Glypotek). Two men posing as tourists were spotted on cctv in the area at the time the work of art was taken. It is thought that they simply made their way to the Rodin, removed the sculpture […]

22 December 2014


Christie’s Theft: £1m In Jewels Stolen In London Headquarters Heist

Thieves have breached stringent security at Christie’s London flagship headquarters to pull off a heist valued at up to a million pounds. The stolen items, thought to be mostly jewellery and small antiques, included works by the Russian jewellers Fabergé. Police have been investigating the theft for two weeks and even though they have CCTV […]

12 December 2014


Warhol Nephews Defend Alleged Liz Portrait’s ‘Patient Thief’

In October it was reported that the Andy Warhol Foundation filed a lawsuit against former Warhol bodyguard Agusto Bugarin after it was alleged that the former employee had stolen a 1964 Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, resulting in Manhattan Supreme Court justice Cynthia Kern then blocked the painting from being sold. Now further details have […]

8 December 2014


Daylight Robbery Of £400,000 Sculpture From Italy’s Modern Art Museum

UPDATE:  In a strange turn of events, the sculpture has been found, inside a storage locker, at the entrance to the Museum in an area used by the public. This has prompted the police to state that the thief may have had a change of heart. The news was broken by Corriere della Sera, which […]

16 August 2013


Jasper Johns’ Assistant Arrested And Charged With $6 million Theft

Jasper Johns’ former studio assistant of 27 years has been accused of stealing and selling works of art by the artist in a multimillion-dollar theft case. James Meyer, 51 of Salisbury, Connecticut, allegedly took 22 pieces of art in progress from a studio plans chest drawer. He was employed as an assistant at Johns’ Sharon, […]