16 December 2014


Banksy’s Art Buff Fails To Sell And May Return To Folkestone

Campaigners say that Banksy’s ‘Art Buff’ mural could return to Folkestone, after the work reportedly failed to sell at Art Basel Miami. As selling the painting on the open market could be difficult, according to insiders. Hrag Vartanian, editor-in-chief and co-founder of art blog Hyperallergic, told Kent Online that the work will also be hard […]

1 December 2014


Banksy’s Folkestone ‘Art Buff’ Mural Has Been Flown To Miami Art Fair For Sale

Approximately two months after Banksy’s mural ‘Art Buff’ appeared in Folkstone – and was subsequently vandalised by the addition of ‘phallic imagery’ which resulted in its controversial removal – the work has been flown to the US to be sold at an art fair in Miami. The piece depicts a woman staring at an empty […]

13 October 2014


Banksy Art Buff Mural Vandalised In Folkestone

Just two weeks after a Banksy mural appeared in Folkstone, it has been vandalised. The piece depicts a woman staring at an empty plinth while wearing headphones with her hands clasped behind her back. The piece is called ‘Art Buff’. On Sunday evening, an act of vandalism was perpetrated against the artwork; the unknown attacker […]

1 July 2010


The Opening Night, U3 triennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The opening night began before I even entered the Moderna Building, outside a large crowd of people from the students to the dressed to impress mingling on the lower platform and crowding on the stairs –  some venturing through the very imposing doors (Doors of education and knowledge, their stature indicating that something special is […]