3 January 2017

Anish Kapoor Defies Ban And Buys PINK Pigment Over The Counter

Anish Kapoor has hit-back at the ban artist Stuart Semple placed on his purchase of the pigment ‘PINK’. The rivalry started in 2014, when Kapoor bought the exclusive rights to the colour “Vantablack”, developed by tech company Nanosystems, which claims to be the blackest of black pigment available.

4 March 2016


Anish Kapoor Black Pigment Copyright Row Sparks Black Holes And Revelations

The argument as to whether an artist can own the copyright to a colour or pigment has escalated this week with Anish Kapoor the Bombay-born,  British artist. It seems Mr Kapoor has acquired exclusive rights to the unique Vantablack pigment, reported to be the blackest shade of black in existence. The paint was developed by British company NanoSystems and Vantablack is composed […]

24 September 2014


Sculptor Anish Kapoor To Use Blackest Black Ever

Acclaimed sculptor Anish Kapoor, renowned for the use of colour and pigments in his production of his sculpture, is embracing the newly invented blackest black ever created, The artificial substance Vantablack which was created by London-based Surrey NanoSystems, dubbed as a kind of ‘super black’, the darkness of which does not exist in nature. The […]