23 September 2012


Velvet Underground Lose Banana Copyright Case To Warhol Foundation

1960’s ‘Rock Band’ The Velvet Underground have lost their legal battle against the Andy Warhol Foundation over the use of their instantly recognisable Banana  album cover design. A judge dismissed part of the lawsuit by the band, over the rights to the design that featured on their debut album. The remaining members of the band […]

22 March 2012


Warhol Foundation Moves To Dismiss Velvet Underground Case

The controversial Andy Warhol Foundation has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by The 1960’s band The Velvet Underground over the iconic banana image that features on the cover of their 1967 album, The Velvet Underground & Nico. The Foundation raises the question that if the band hasn’t been in existence for […]

20 January 2012


Velvet Underground Sue Andy Warhol For Banana

Vintage rock band The Velvet Underground have initiated legal action against the Andy Warhol Foundation over the use of their album cover designed by the late artist The band accuse the Foundation of trademark infringement, claiming that it has illegally allowed their iconic banana logo to be used on other products without permission. The banana […]