9 April 2017

Stations of the Cross Video Works Exhibited At St Stephen Walbrook

St Stephen Walbrook, an important church in the City of London designed by Christopher Wren in 1672, accommodates the first classical dome to have been built in England and was Wren’s prototype for St Paul’s Cathedral. This architectural relationship provides a physical and interpretive context for the premiere of new work by Mark Dean and Lizzi Kew Ross & Co, in two […]

13 March 2015


Fig-2 Week 8 – Edmund Cook – 23 February-1 March – ‘Enumerators’ (by AJ Dehany)

Week 8 – Edmund Cook – 23 February-1 March – ‘Enumerators’ “The Lumière Brothers were a hundred and twenty years ago! Come on lads, step up..” My companion was not impressed. For Week 8 of fig-2 we’d watched Edmund Cook record a live soundtrack to his short film ‘Enumerators’ in which there is a fictional technology to record people’s thoughts in public space, […]

19 February 2015

Dor Guez: The Sick Man of Europe – ICA London – Lost To A Moment On The Road

The ICA presents the first UK ‘institutional’ solo exhibition of Dor Guez, an artist of Christian Palestinian and Jewish Tunisian descent, living in Jaffa. The artist’s practice questions contemporary art’s role in narrating unwritten histories. Entitled ‘The Painter’ this new installation is the first of five from a new body of work, ‘The Sick Man […]

5 November 2014


Nam June Paik South Korean Video Art Pioneer Displayed At Tate Modern

A new display of the work of the pioneering South Korean artist Nam June Paik (1932-2006) opened on Monday at Tate Modern. Nam June Paik is widely recognised to be the founder of video art. The display consists of seven key works and four rarely-seen works on paper, which are being acquired by Tate through […]

24 March 2014


Charles Atlas: A First Generation Video Artist At Vilma Gold

Starting out in early 70s New York, Charles Atlas was part of the first generation of artists to explore the artistic possibilities of video. He pioneered the development of ‘media-dance’, – a performance work created directly for the camera – and has been making ground-breaking experimental video and immersive installation both independently and in collaboration […]

20 November 2013



Final deadline midnight of Tuesday, November 26th Only a few days are left to the final deadline to enter the eight edition of the international contest enabling artists to exhibit their works in one of the most prestigious art venues in the world: the Arsenal of Venice. Choose your section among painting, sculpture and installation, […]

11 October 2013


The Jarman Award 2013

Film London and Channel 4 in association with the Whitechapel Gallery are excited to announce a national tour of the stellar line up of 10 UK-based shortlisted artists for the prestigious Film London Jarman Award’s sixth year, comprising Ed Atkins, Beatrice Gibson, Emma Hart, Rachel Maclean, Uriel Orlow, Charlotte Prodger, Hannah Sawtell, Grace Schwindt, John Smithand Jessica Warboys, to run from until 3 November.  This is an especially important year for the Award as it immediately precedes the 20th year […]

8 August 2013


Is Beauty Back? New debate released featuring Julian Stallabrass and Sidsel Christensen

Is Beauty Back? The Future of Art Watch Julian Stallabrass, Griselda Pollock and Sidsel Christensen debate the future of art and the return of beauty http://iai.tv/video/is-beauty-back Brought to you by the Institute of Art and Ideas and HowTheLightGetsIn

21 December 2011


Euan Macdonald Hayward Gallery Project Space

Artist Euan Macdonald is best known for video works which often capture everyday fleeting moments that challenge viewers’ expectations of seemingly familiar situations. The artist also maintains an ongoing interest in sound, referencing sheet music and other instruments in his videos.            Euan Macdonald: Open-Tuning, features the recent 9,000 PIECES (2011), a single-channel video shot at […]