12 February 2016


Fake Warhol Fake Rothko: Who Are The Losers Here

The issue of fakes is alluring headline fodder: what is it that is so compelling about forged artworks? Once could say it places greater emphasis on what makes the real deal a genuine article; though the limelight tends to fall on the fake works themselves, obscuring the original talent which it so brazenly tramples over. It […]

9 February 2016


Vincent Fremont: We Raise An Eyebrow To The New CEO Of ARTnews Ltd

The appointment of Vincent Fremont as CEO at ARTnews ltd, the company that owns Art in America, Art News and other leading art related publications has raised a number of eyebrows. This gives Fremont control of a major chunk of the serious art press. But should this man, considered flawed by many, with his tainted dealings, as the exclusive sales agent for the Warhol foundation (AWF) […]