21 March 2017

Whitney Biennial 2017 Evolves Beyond Precious, Pretentious Or Tired

The 2017 Whitney Biennial, the first at the new spacious downtown location, is a total home run. Form, function and fun come together.

21 November 2016


Whitney Biennial Committee Announce Participating Artists For 2017 Exhibition

The 2017 Whitney Biennial, opening at the Whitney Museum of American Art on 17 March, and running through June 11 will include ‘Formation of self and the individual’s place in a turbulent society’ as a key theme reflected in the work of the artists selected.

9 March 2014

Whitney Biennial And ADAA: Ben Austin’s Armory Week Diary day 4

Dear reader, so here I am in Starbucks on 67th and 3rd, seems like this is the only place apart from McDonalds in New York where there is free WiFi, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose, so I will suck up their frothy overpriced crappy coffee. Today is bright and considerably warmer, feels like spring […]

1 April 2012


Hilton Kramer Legendary American Art Critic Dies

Clement Greenberg defender and NY Times Art Critic Dead at 84 Hilton Kramer was one of the most influential art critics of the late 20th century. His career was meteoric and shot to prominence after writing a response to Harold Rosenberg’s,1952 article on action painting. The piece was published in Art News, Americas leading art […]

22 November 2010


Whitney Biennial Choses Curators

The seventy-sixth Whitney Biennial in 2012 will be co-curated by Independent curator Jay Sanders and the Whitney’s Elisabeth Sussman. The series of annual and biennial exhibitions was inaugurated in 1932 by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and has continued to be a fixture of important international art events for the last 80 years. The signature survey of […]

14 March 2009


2010 Whitney Biennial

Whitney Chooses Biennial Curators Carol Vogel from The New York Times’s announced that the next Whitney Biennial curators have just been chosen, Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Murayari. “It seemed like a good idea on a lot of levels,” said Donna De Salvo, the Whitney’s chief curator. “Francesco is well known to the Whitney” — he […]