13 January 2021


Ben Uri Gallery Goes Digital To Survive – Edward Lucie-Smith

The Ben Uri Gallery in London has just come up with a new operation model, better suited to the needs of relatively small outfits, such as itself. Or should I say that those who run it have been savvy enough to recognise that the contemporary art world has been massively changed.

9 September 2015


There are two types of people in the art world: artists and boring fuckers.

The boring fuckers have it in for us. They’re the ones who gleefully academicised art because they knew that real artists hate writing: essays, self-crits, artist’s statements, creative rationales, dissertations, speeches, press releases, blogs and begging letters. In the UK, in the 70s, the perfectly serviceable Dip AD was dumped in favour of a Bachelor […]

19 July 2014



Atlas symbolizes the ravaging of the world by mankind.Half the world is an apple, the fruit of the earth.  The bite signifies the earth’s resources being used up and the juice falling into the glass represents the end product for consumption. Contact me for details to buy