16 May 2013


SYSTEM exhibition catalogue, WW Gallery 2013

click on the following link for the online version of catalogue or cut and pase into your browser http://t.co/2tC0Te3Uod

10 September 2012


New WW Exhibition Explores The Artificial Worlds Of Supermarkets

The WW Gallery in London are presenting Vacant Lots, an exhibition of paintings by Susie Hamilton and Inguna Gremzde. While Hamilton and Gremzde reference the tradition of figurative landscapes and portraits, the psychological charge and setting of their work is a phenomenon of the contemporary world. The vacant lots of their paintings are the metropolitan […]

11 June 2012


Sadie Hennessy Outrageous Challenging With A Strong Feminist Backbone

Strange Hungers a new exhibition addressing the (unanswered) mating call, or at least the rallying cry, of the aging woman as she grows old disgracefully. Hennessy’s body of work will be outrageous and challenging with a strong feminist backbone. Her work explores and celebrates the lusts and desires of older women and takes a critical […]

11 August 2011


WW Gallery Caught In London Riots

The scene in front of WW Gallery on Monday evening: as riot police move brick-wielding boys away from houses, mounted police force others across the park. On Monday afternoon, moments after the artist completed work on WW Gallery’s newly commissioned sculpture Mudman, looters that can only use the word ‘rioters’ advisedly – spilled into Queensdown […]