Top 10 – Artists Under 30

8. Samuel Zealey

Samuel Zealey

Samuel Zealey Born  London, 1986, Zealey started to make unusual connections between the physical world and the visual world, and through a sculptural perspective these articulated interesting formal and conceptual questions (‘Degenerate Science’ and ‘Plagiarizing Nature’). He appropriates popular household and industrial appliances in order to find strange and unknown functions in their performances, motivated by a desire to catalyse domestic equivalents of spectacular events that you might see only once in your life, if ever, like a dying star. Zealey attempts to make an uncommon experience common in a controlled situation, by constructing amazing PES (‘Potential Energy Sculpture’s’) that form perfect microcosms of our universe. He operates as an artist/scientist/engineer translating the ordinary into the impossible recreating scientific and celestial phenomena.

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