3 Things I don’t like in the art world

I was inspired to write about what I don’t like in the art world (especially in Italy), among other things at night while I slept, only to spend a sleepless night because of this, the inspiration is pretentious at times, but always very pleasant.

I can understand that some people don’t like the way I write, a bit critical, but for me to express myself writing is not just to vent, it is transmutation. Yes, it is an alchemical process that allows me to transform what bothers me, at least inwardly, and so to detach.
So what I don’t like in the art world is first of all those who speculate on the artists, then the widespread conservatism that doesn’t accept and doesn’t endorse, actually hinders the new, third are those who speak of art without doing it but seeing it from outside, given that in itself has little of mental, art is in fact is first of all experiential.

Those who speculate on the artists are like vultures of two types: those always on the hunt for newbies artists (who the more naive the better), enhancing their ego with improbable visions of glory and success (note they use often in their speeches the word prestige), not to support them but to gain on them and from them especially, I would say only. You recognize them immediately because they pretend to be interested in your artworks, but often they don’t even look at them, it’s just enough you pay. Then there are the vultures who speculate instead on artists who are established or listed in the art market, these are the experts vultures, they walk around dressed in Wall Street style, they speculate on artists as if they were playing in the stock market, selling their artworks as if were pots and earn primarily on dead artists.
I personally consider myself a freelance artist, I’ve never paid to do an axhibition (nor to be published) and I’m not listed in the art market, I don’t look for situations they just arrive, and I developed a natural filter for vultures. At the very least I’m sure that everyone who bought my paintings have done it with the heart, for an investment in consciousness, because that’s what my work transmit.
The widespread conservatism of mass or elite whatever (change the level of information but the process is the same) is what doesn’t allow the new to manifest, it is the denial of pure art. This conservatism, which always loses in the long run, it is the most obvious result of the educational system that produces rational notionistic intellectualism for gradation, theoretical and not practical, based in the creation of culture through an accumulation of mental information. School in fact, gives top priority to the mind whose main function is to memorize, but the mind in itself doesn’t create, so intellectuals are not open to the new, because the mind is afraid of losing control and therefore has fear of any type of change. Creativity and therefore the art comes from and is located well beyond the mind, it is the artists who create the new and accept it, (meaning here the art in the broadest sense with anyone who creates the new, in this sense for example Einstein was a great artist), as long as the intellectuals can’t help but accept what has already been widely accepted, then the acceptance arrives at the mass level, much later.
This connects to the third point which are the intellectuals or critics who talk about art without doing or experiencing it, seeing it from the outside, talking about in a notional mental way and for this extremely boring. There is a huge difference in the feeling and transmitting between an artist who speaks about art and a critic or intellectual just talking.
However, it is also wrong to criticize without proposing something different, so in my own little way I say this: in the light of all this is first of all the school system that needs to be changed and with it the collective consciousness, it must be replaced with a new system that puts freedom and individual expression in the first place. More than learning how to do things like the others have said and done, one must learn to do things in their own way. And then you need to protect children from rational parents.

Ilaria Berenice

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