A matter of Process And Other Scenarios

Amanda McGregor Comes to terms with the art of enlightenment

As Steve Jobs explains, sometimes when you look back at the development of your life, its possible to notice little dots, or little thoughts that at the time seemed a matter of a process but then you realize they were the seed into the manifestation of the life you have. I have had a few of these thoughts, looking back the first major one, I had when I was six and I painted some purple violets, at the age of six I was so impressed with the painting that I decided to become an artist, I put all my energy in that direction. When I was a young teenage of about 13, I remember questioning why people don’t generally put a lot of effort in to a significant project able to create change or create a substantial difference to the world. I therefore decided to work really hard at a project on a understanding ‘truth’, ‘life’, ‘people’ hoping one day to make a difference, I also decided if I was going to be an artist I would be phenomenal. There were many times when I struggled and I still feel it’s a long path to reach my goals. In my twenties I had immense emotional hurdles to battle with. These aspects of pain became an interfering aspect at many points of my journey as a young artist, however in my mid twenties I seemed get on top of that through a few police and legal processes, mainly by realising that the system couldn’t help me even though some people with in it wanted to help, it took about four years to put these issues to bed, but every now and then I look back at the dots, those little nagging thoughts and realise I am still walking a very familiar path.

In my twenties I found art on its own wasn’t enough and so leaned to psychological processes of understanding which due to some other needs of reference due to health became scientific processes, so in all this development I became fully conscious spiritually, psychologically, as a therapist and psychically.

When I was doing my M.A. at Goldsmiths, in my late 20’s I put together a project entitled ‘Rebuilding Paradise’ of which I involved other artists, architects and curators who had similar aims in their lives to use creativity to make statements towards ‘peace’, interestingly I was accused of copying someone elses’s idea. It’s a very odd concept to be accused of copying another in trying to evaluate the social science of creating and manifesting world peace. However, I now know that if they weren’t going to attempt to dis-empower me that way, they would find another way, as people do when they feel threatened by you. Yes, they found a way, four days before the end of the final year they decided I must be dyslexic as I didn’t fit in to any of their ‘behavior models’ and was obviously a bit ‘unusual’. I gave in my projects and the next thing I heard was my marks, which consisted of four ‘Fails’ with eventually a follow up letter with a request to address my dyslexia and re-write all my essays over another year. This is the problem in ‘all of life’, when an authority is in the position of power but doesn’t have the ‘consciousness’ evolved enough to understand the person or in the wider case with politics, the society of the environment.

Well the issue here was that I gave my life to art, innocently and with full trust in the system. My heart broke with my F grades, after re-addressing the essays, I discovered there was nothing wrong with my intelligence or understanding I had just mixed the order of a few paragraphs and sentences and had developed a shortened para-phrasing way, probably developed from taking large amount of notes at lectures and reading material. Hardly enough reason to rob me of a whole year of my life.

When I look back and see how much time the ‘system’ can take from you, its scary. I was so wounded through the ‘break up’ of my biggest ‘love’, I left the art world, to focus on my psychological and scientific understanding of working creatively with consciousness and energy psychology. I worked therefore as a professional psychic, tuning in people’s pains, helping them to find their true soul value, inner sense of security, soul mate and create pathways in to their natural self, lifestyle, holographic self and purpose. After seeing literally thousands of people I began to realise I was becoming well versed in the social science of people and found I could come from a very ‘real’ place in connecting my understanding of the world, creativity, energy psychology, consciousness and being able to ‘create’ positive change.

So by this time I had made a few movements back in to art world thinking, painting from a place of universal consciousness, channeling paintings about my soul history and soul understanding. When you become conscious of the problems in ‘giving’ power to an authority who hasn’t had the experience of ‘consciousness’ to judge you or the understanding of what is needed to support your development, you become conscious of future possible threats to.

I was also becoming conscious of international issues as I was helping people with wealth management, sustainable energy resources, internal communications, conflict resolution, communications on all levels and in lifestyle manifestation. I had also become versed in the natural laws of being human and the true nature of human life in a way that allowed people to fully experience themselves and each other from a positive place with out fear, pain or insecurity.

So, having my ear close to the ground through seeing up to 40 people a week, I could feel a sense of rumble just before the troubles week of 8th August 2011, so much so that I was moved to write to my local MP from my constituency and offer my services to help them resolve some of the issues. I had realized money was becoming less valuable and people were becoming more and more angry, there also seemed to be so much exploitation around, people seemed to have developed culturally as so competitive, creating ‘governing forms of corporate business’, when I could see how much this was also in the spiritual and therapy world I began to question where everyone was getting this projection of business structure as it was out of alignment with mine and I found it a bit like staring at a wall that I had no interest in climbing. I thereby realized it was because we were under the power of a ‘corporate government’. Five hours after writing an email to MP John Howell, the UK riots kicked off and continued for the whole week.

So post writing my email to MP John Howell I was asked to come to a surgery meeting about six weeks later, after Parliamentary Recess. I was unsure how to take this, I wasn’t sure he would have the consciousness to understand me but had to give it ago.

Remembering I had already learnt not to give my power to an authority that didn’t have the consciousness to understand me, I had repeatedly been let down by the ‘system’ and my twenties were a wash out through realising the legal system was a matrix of chaos in which justice and truth were far from the agenda’s.

So I prepared the focus point which came down to whether or not government was to claim or resume power over the economic state and challenge the banks so as to deal with the mess we were experiencing, I had already become conscious that its possible to claim a ‘freedom’ status by leaning towards maritime and common law and claiming the copyright of your name as it is used in contracts with the government such as birth certificates and registration papers. So I was also looking for direction for my own sense of peace, so I could be fully myself with out being limited to a system that couldn’t support my growth and well being.

The meeting was complex. John Howell, didn’t shake my hand on arrival, he and the woman who took notes(no introduction) were sitting with fresh cups of coffee, I was not offered one. They had put two tables between them and me, with about six chairs and no clear direction whilst entering the process. They seemed to be to put hurdles between the constituentes and to attempt to block a conversation based on ‘equality’ of professional interest, which is odd since they are meant to serve us and be our agent. I asked to record the meeting and was told  ‘that is unnacceptable’ as if he was in authority. I said, this was not a threat, he said, ‘it could be’. Now I have seen 4,000 people, all of whom have recorded our meeting and all who could use that ‘psychic’ information against me as a new law came out about influencing the vulnerable with ‘psychic’ information. A law that is so obscenely open and based on fear that gives another knock to the scientific development of energy psychology and consciousness and understanding the value of embracing consciousness. So I felt he was very insecure for someone that should be able to hold power globally.

So the meeting went ahead and he attempted to devalue everything I said by questioning what I meant by the use of the word ‘economy’, ‘bank’. He said I was foolish for talking to an MP from a conservative party about global issues. He seemed to be a square peg fitting in to a very comfortable position in square peg politics, thereby being a product to the system, consistently asking me about the needs of a little village called ‘Woodcote’, where the meeting took place, of which I had very little association, even though he was very aware my experience was global. I went on to challenge him about the power dynamics of banks and government, he seemed to have no problem with the economy, said it would be ok after they had cleared up the mess from Labour. I challenged him on the priorities of values, why he was putting prosperity and wealth before care, development and growth and talked about the value of social science in respect of these aspects.

Moreover I realized he hadn’t got a clue what I was talking about and I realized, by giving 25% of my income to government, my taxes to him, 60% of my income to the rent man for my consultancy, which is well placed, in a central London, 15% to my landlady I was begging for change just to eat a decent organic meal, have a life, be an artist, have a family, live comfortably in a property that serves my needs and freedom. I was just a servant to the system stuck in survival mode and these guys hadn’t a clue what they were basing their decisions on or why the gap of house prices, rents, mortgages and tax and earnings was causing people to get trapped. He said we deal with problems from street level need. Well here I was needing something and he hadn’t got a clue how to help.

 So in the process of trying to bail myself out at subservient levels of these systems, institutions, universities and infrastructures, I ended up threatening to become a ‘freeman’, to copyright my legal status and destroy all contracts with government! Maybe a bit of a stupid move, or was it?

Well, it led me to the realisation of what was needed to step up in to an infrastructure that could enable global development and world peace. I had researched the history of law and economy and realized the original infrastructure was created to free us not to enslave us. So by going back to the routes we could claim sovereignty on a world level. So digested our conflicting opinions and five days later I sent a research proposal surrounding these aspects to John Howell trying to bridge the gap of our consciousness.

So the fight to live freely, in peace, with an ability to travel, live within property continues. I realise the claim for Global Sovereignty is the best way to encapsulate this movement and possibly the only way ‘we’ as people will find our own peace as we are ‘one’ and ‘all’ in everything we are and ‘all’ that we do.

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