Absurdity of Brian Sewell : Beyond Bloomsbury Designs For The Omega Workshop Courtauld Gallery W2

Brian Sewell is a silly ass!  The lame pomposity of his irrelevancy is exemplified in a recent article for the nearly extinct Evening Standard news paper titled, “Not So Grand Designs” In this rambling, subjective assassination Mr Sewell attempts to justify his hatred for all that is modern by nit picking at the craftsmanship and design of the items in the exhibition. It is blatantly obvious that Sewell has completely missed the point as usual. He should return to his only grain of knowledge, Old Master paintings and drawings and re-examine the notion, to write about what you know or actually understand.

The Evening Standard shouldn’t waste precious ink and paper on the regurgitation of words from this senile halfwit. Ten years ago Mr Sewell wrote a similar piece on the Bloomsbury exhibition held at the Tate Gallery. (Now Tate Britain) I genuinely feel he has been paid twice for the same reworked poppycock. It is also increasingly tedious to read his idiotic opinion on the same handful of art-world figures, namely his predecessor at the Standard Richard Cork (not a second rate hack like BS) Christopher Frayling (One of the greats), Melvyn Bragg (How can you say anything bad about the guy. Well.. maybe his novels were a mistake.), Alan Yentob ( I could almost agree with this one but I wont) and of course  Nicholas Serota (Now where would London be without him?) Keep your personal agenda to yourself Brian. Go out and write a decent article you lazy complacent dribbler!

ArtLyst is starting a campaign to retire Brian Sewell, after all he is nearly 80 years old and should start to wind down and enjoy his second rate Old Master paintings, brown furniture and over stuffed sofas with antimacassars. If you would like to leave a comment below or sign our online petition, please feel free to let us know.


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