All Your Dogs Are Dead Davies & Monaghan Collaborative Exhibition Announced

Following on from their well received installation, exhibited on the ALISN stand, in the Art Projects space, at the London Art Fair. Shona Davies & David Monaghan have been given a solo exhibition at the Occupy My Time Gallery, in April.

In their collaborative work, Davies & Monaghan exploit the sense of unease generated through distorted perspective and aim to create a sense of disquiet by positioning the viewer as an illicit voyeur, peering at scenes through various manipulated viewpoints and warped perspectives. They create miniature worlds into which are woven some form of narrative, working with animation and 3-D installations. They are particularly adept in exploring conflicting themes of integrity and betrayal, power and powerlessness, memory and loss, and notions of truth and morality.

Their Piece exhibited titled, The Uninvited 1-3, at the London Art Fair, consisted of three boxes on plinths which resembled an arcade peep show. The first box showed a view of a Pole Dancing club complete with animated stripper. This miniature theatre was executed using digital photo frames and model building. The middle box was far more sinister and somber. It depicted a view of a video surveillance room with an empty desk,  mounted on the wall, a view of changing multiple screen views of a car-park. If you were patient revealing vignettes appeared. Some scenes were of car-park ‘Dogging’ get the gist!  The mundane goings on of a car-park were also represented. The third box showed a hospital  bed from the perspective of a patient.  All of the action took place at the foot of the bed and included the presence of a flasher. We look forward to seeing what the duo will come up with for their first collaborative solo exhibition.

Shona Davies is  currently based in London, England. Since graduating with First Class Honours from Sir John Cass College of Art, she has been collaborating with Dave Monaghan, also active in London is a graduate from Canterbury College of Art.

Shona Davies and Dave Monaghan All Your Dogs Are Dead,  OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY  29 March – 2 May  2013.

Visit Exhibition Here


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