Banksy Brexit Mural In Dover A Sign Of The Times

Banksy, the elusive street artist has created a relevant new work in Dover inspired by Brexit. The political work shows a workman up a ladder chipping away at a European union flag, his hand holding a chisel as he knocks off one of the stars.

The new piece appeared on the side of a house in Dover, on Sunday. Dover is the location of one of the largest ports connecting France to the United Kingdom separated by the English Channel.

Britain held a referendum allowing voters to choose whether to stay or leave the European Union. The leave vote won by a slim majority. The campaign resulted in the resignation of David Cameron the Prime Minister and the appointment of Teresa May as leader of the Conservative party. The UK is now in the throws of a general election and the Tories look set to win. Article 50 the act which signals the process to leave the Union has been triggered and it is expected that Britain will exit the Union by 2019. Negotiations with Brussels are expected to begin after the election on June 8.

Keeping his identity a closely guarded secret, the Bristol street artist Banksy has long been famous for provocative images stencilled around the streets of the UK, and in some of the most politically charged areas of the globe, managing to create anarchic and poignant works while remaining under the radar. With the artist’s latest creation, Dismaland, a group show as a biting satire of Disneyland, Artlyst brings you our top ten Banksy’s of all time.

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