Banksy Filmed In Israel – Should He Now Just Come Clean?

It looks like Banksy has been caught on film which raises the question, Should he just come clean?  The identity of the world’s most elusive street artist could have been compromised once and for all.

A number of British tabloids, including the Daily Mail, who have been on the trail of Banksy for a number of years, have run stories over the weekend showing footage captured by a mobile phone camera by an anonymous Israeli woman, who claims to have videoed the Bristol-born artist in installing a show opening to the public tomorrow inside a shopping centre in Herzlyia, Israel.

The clip which we have embedded in this article lasts for about 20 seconds. It shows a man with ginger colouring stencilling in a museum gallery. He is holding artist’s material in his hand. The artist dons a white Panama hat, and a spray-paint mask is lowered to his neck, His face is in full view. When he sees he’s being filmed he puts his hand up to hide his face.

Banksy Photo

Banksy Photo??? That old chestnut!

His latest show, titled “The Art of Banksy” is set to open on the other side of the Israeli Separation Wall, inside the Arena shopping mall in Herzlyia. Organised by the artist’s former gallerist, Steve Lazarides, the show is supposed to be just a gallery exhibition without the participation of the artist.

The woman who created the video said, “What was really weird was that when I came in and I had to sign my name, I noticed an English name and said to the security guard ‘who is that?’”, she told the Daily Mail. The guard reportedly replied that the signer had said he was “an artist from England.”

A few years ago the downmarket ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper photographed a man with similar colouring offering compelling evidence suggesting that the artist is former public schoolboy Robin Gunningham. Yeah, on the other hand, it could just be a studio assistant!


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