BLITZ Presents New Weapons In Collaboration With Central Saint Martins

BLITZ, a contemporary art space based on the Mediterranean island of Malta, has worked alongside emerging practitioners from Central Saint Martins in order to explore the proliferation of the networked image in the online environment in a new exhibition called NEW WEAPONS. The idea that an image can exist in many different areas simultaneously – across technological, geographical and social borders – is the initial concept that served as a creative impetus in the collaboration between an internationally-renowned institute of art and Valletta-based initiative that both strive to support radical and experimental art practice in all its forms.

In keeping with the resulting belief that there is no ‘original’ image, only versions that can be shared and disseminated instantly, New Weapons fully embraces the photographic concept of the network by existing in multiple versions situated in multiple locations. On 13 May a container was loaded at CSM with artworks made specifically for the exhibition in Malta. When the students’ degree show opened to the public in London two weeks later, a screen was set up displaying a live map and GPS tracking the movement of the container in transit.

This screen was part of a work entitled ‘Mare Nostrum’ by Bonamy Devas. As the container travelled by sea to Valletta the live location data from the ships navigation system controlled a laser that left a transient mark upon a surface prepared with phosphorescent paint; literally drawing with light.

The participating students with the container that will carry their work to Malta

Aava Anttinen / Rachel Channa Kremer / Zhanna Bobrakova / Sarah Crew / Bonamy Devas / Valerie Driscoll / Helena Goñi / Benjamin Knight / Albena Martinova / Laura Marques / Hana Vojackova / Dario Srbic / Parvaneh Rahimi / Dana Strango / Hengxi Li / Trilokjit Sengupta / Mengjiao Yu

 Laura Marques (detail)

BLITZ is a non-profit organisation and Malta’s only independent, artist-run contemporary art space. In a period of just under two years, BLITZ has established itself as a major player in the local contemporary arts scene and has established working relationships at an international level. BLITZ operates from a 400-year old, lovingly restored Valletta townhouse which hosts art-related events and provides a space for the creative community. It aims to develop projects of a high-calibre nature across a multitude of divergent disciplines. BLITZ a voluntary organisation registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations in Malta (VO/1052) and is supported by the Malta Arts Fund.

PROJECT SPACE – A dedicated space designated for a high turnaround exhibition programme. This will serve as a platform for emerging, experimental practitioners who are at the cutting edge of contemporary art production.

RESIDE – A residency programme which provides a self-contained apartment set within the inspiring confines of BLITZ in Valletta, designed and constructed by architectural students from the University of Malta and supported by the 808 Foundation. The residency aims to invite international talent to the local contemporary art scene.

The crowdfunding project is now live on and will end on 1st July. Supporters can pledge any amount and in doing so you do not only help the BLITZ foundation maintain the necessary financing to carry on funding its human resources and long-term project development but also get to choose a reward in return. A local group of contemporary artist have produced a limited-edition work, exclusively for BLITZ which will be available as an incentive to supporters. The BLITZ Make Us Count crowdfunding project has been selected by Art Basel’s independent jury as a featured project in its crowdfunding initiative.

View Art Basel’s supported projects here:

Exhibition Dates – 12-21 June 2015 BLITZ, 68 St. Lucy Street, Valletta, Malta BLITZ townhouse in Valletta, Malta For more information, visit

Make Us Count is a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter initiated by BLITZ. Funds raised will support two important long-term projects:

Words: George Micallef Eynaud / All images courtesy of BLITZ 

Interior of BLITZ

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