California Digital Arts showcases Luxembourg artist for the first time

Archetypal Symbolism in Sultana Raza’s Abstract Digital Artwork


Digital Arts: California has selected 78 finalists from 27 countries for its Simply The Best 2 show of artworks of international digital artists, and photographers. For the first time, this includes works from Indian-born Luxembourg-based artist/writer Sultana Raza.


Her abstract digital artworks explore themes related to time and space, to events unfolding every second. Each line represents a microsecond. Does change keep occurring in nano-seconds? Can one travel back in the past? Some of the abstract artworks can be interpreted in a number of different ways, shedding light on the inner universe of the viewer. The art works contain many archetypal symbols. Viewers have projected many opinions. They have been interpreted to include lights, electricity, marble veins, crystals, melting gold, angel hair, or even nuclear fusion.


A few people imagine they can see figures escaping from the Time Portal. People into science fiction are fascinated by strange faces, or interesting forms seen through the apertures in Time Curtain. Prosaic interpretations include ventilation shafts or books. Whilst some are convinced that it represents an interior scene, others think it is set outside. Some see temples, cathedrals, or even women’s legs in Apotheosis. Most viewers find the absence of a concrete reality disorienting, while others consider it to be refreshing.


Overall, her abstract art shows an inquiry into the nature of reality. As scientists conducting research into the “God Particle” think they are close to a breakthrough into understanding how the universe works, perhaps our perception of reality might change as well. Due to the multi-dimensional nature of the artworks, they can be interpreted in a variety of ways. On the one hand, this shows the depth of perception of the artist. On the other hand, these artworks hold up a mirror to the psyche of the individuals, wherein they can project their own inner scripts.


Therefore, while most digital abstract art tends to be limited by the technology of the times in which it is created, these artworks will continue to be relevant, as their value is not commensurate to the ability of the artist to manipulate existing tools, nor is it reliant just upon the trends of the moment. The longer one looks at these pieces, the more one discovers in them. Their symbolic imagery resonates with and appeals to the unconscious mind, irrespective of whether one is well-versed with abstract concepts, or whether they suit individual taste. As one plunges in their depths, one discovers many new images on one’s journey.


When viewed with Blade Runner’s opening titles playing in the background, one can experience the the multi-dimensionality of the images to a greater extent, as the fire and crystalline sound of Vangelis’ music echoes and bounces off the visual art interactively.


These images are quite singular and unique, specially coming from an Indian-born artist, where art usually tends to incorporate traditional elements. At the same time, tradition has it that a few Indian and Tibetan yogis have managed to transcend time. One is invited to wander along those lines via these images.

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