Canvas Art – The Accessibility

Art is far more accessible to buy and view right now. Even famous works of art are being loaned out to local galleries so a wider audience can see them.

There is less stuffiness regarding art. Artwork can now be ordered more readily in bespoke commissions or particular colours and themes can be stipulated. A few years ago, this was an absolute no go area, the artist ruled and what they said was final. There are a number of artists now offering an easier to reach bespoke service, both by way of approaching the artist but also in terms of cost.

Art can be bought in many different forms, one very in vogue at the moment is canvas art. The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame and oil or acrylic paint can be used or even mixed media. The canvas stands away from a wall and enables the painting area to go right to the edge. Painting around the edges can also be done for an enveloped look.

Art is the perfect gift for someone very special. Some artists offer the service of recreating a memorable photo into oil or acrylic. This is a highly personal and special gift and something completely unique. Such a service has been enabled to be found through the internet. The internet has been the most influential part in enabling art to be reached to the masses and now being more accessible. Galleries that were once confined to purely the premises can now sell and advertise their work online and reach the whole country in fact, the world. Artists that may not have been able to afford a gallery premises can now sell their art online, reaching a far wider audience. In the respect of the consumer, a huge variety of artist’s styles, genres, media and themes can be chosen from. Mail order has enabled the artwork to be sent when collection is not obtainable. There are artists in the UK that through the internet, have been able to sell their work to clients abroad. This brings in a whole new market and is extremely exciting.

Guest artists are now selling their canvas artwork through large department stores. As with many of the supermarkets that stock local produce, this is a similar occurrence in department stores with local artists. Even if not local, then an artist can sell their work through a selection of stores.

Interior design has become high in a home owners mind in recent years with shows such as 60 Minute Makeover, Changing Rooms and other home make over shows. Artwork is always a large part of the overall finish of the room that has been decorated. Interior designers are working more and more closely with artists for artwork that complements the interior of a room. A piece of canvas art can make a huge difference to the way a room looks and feels and can transform a drab, boring room into something very special.

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