Contemporary Art by Carlos Rezende: Holly Armishaw (in English translation)

no reflex

all that structures me, those arms, these legs, these extended hips, hair, eyes, horizontal arteries, veins, all these skins, these atmosphere between us…

What you see in me its you. thats us, united in this indissoluble amalgam.

Behind these glass surfaces, I protect myself of his air, of his mental confusion, of his absurdity, of his insidious wishes.

If it is not attentive, I can subjugate you in the fluidity of the things that I say.

A fate, an underground hit, the anguish fagoted in words. A flat abyss.

the deeper these wanderings becomes, more serious my discomfort, even almost to suffocate me completely.

See my eyes in yours, mix my eyes to yours.

Fragments joined in an instant of life, reflexes of my pleasure and of my pain. 

dont come to close to this glass surface.
What he sees is not an illusion.
diluted my skins in yours
I hear your steps.

Let’s do a pact, I reveal a little of my mysteries if you dont leave me never again.

Do not share any more my secrets, do not go away.

Do not leave me.

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