The launch of DigitisedArt: A business boost for galleries and all art professionals

Online entrepreneur Paul Evans is pleased to announce the launch of his new online business DigitisedArt – a storing, managing and distribution tool for art professionals.

Devised specifically with dealers and galleries in mind, the online business provides a needs’ based solution to problems encountered by galleries when trying to receive or share images of their stock and information, be it with potential buyers, catalogue designers, photographers, artists, art fair administrators, or art advisors.  The benefits of using the online system also extend to print collateral, thanks to the network it creates between for example, a dealer and a catalogue designer. The business is the brainchild of graphic designer and online entrepreneur Paul Evans, who has extensive experience in the fine art sector, aided by the technical expertise of business partner Tim Irving.

 The system of cataloguing images in this way removes the burden from the customers of organising and distributing their images, instead creating a direct network to those key art trade service providers” explains Paul Evans.

DigitisedArt benefits customers in the following ways:

          Customers are able to upload extremely large high resolution images onto the portal

          Images can then be organised into specific collections

          Access to all images, specific collections, or unique images, can then be granted to their chosen recipient

          Each account is private, and uniquely accessed by a designated code, meaning images cannot be viewed by others without granted access

          Large high resolution images which tend to clog up servers and emails can be easily stored and located on the portal and shared with others

          Being online means access to images is not restricted to the office server, providing immediate access wherever you are

          The system will provide an easy way of tracking down specific art professionals for your needs, and the vetting system in place for services ensures that customers build a credible network

Keeping up to date with constantly evolving technology, users can currently download digitised art for print use, and access it from their iPad too when on the move, creating an online catalogue at your finger tips wherever you are.   In the future DigitisedArt aims to extend access to websites, social media channels and licensing channels.

Paul Evans previously created digital catalogues for Master Paintings Week London and for Johnny Van Haeften Gallery, who described his service as: “technologically brilliant- the system he created is efficient and easy for both me and my clients”. Evans now aims for DigitisedArt to become the industry standard for online catalogues of high resolution works, used by art professionals. Priced for corporate use from £149 per month, DigitisedArt provides an excellent and cost effective solution for distribution and handling based problems. 


For Further information please contact:

Press Office – Gong Muse

Freya Simms, Managing Director


T: 020 7935 4800



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