Direct stone carving

“To begin with, I have no specific target and I do no sketching. Out of limestone rock, I hew a sculpture, a unique one.”
Direct stone carving means spontaneity, freedom and evolution.
Carving reveals the curves of the shapes already contained in the raw material.
It’s an interpretation, made visible, of the geological energy in the stone and a unique expression of its core.
Now is the time for gazing, sensing and doubting.
Being the receiver of meaning, the body at work captures the creative power in its confrontation with stone. A vision is born from direct carving as the technique of transparency through times.
The curves unite the stone layers with the sensitive lines of the inner self.
They vibrate, they grow and outgrow the space of representation.
Mystery must remain intact. The metamorphose resulting from harmony organizes around belief in the stakes. It also organizes around tactile gratitude, the eternity of movement.

Most of the sculptures presented in the website are limestone direct carvings. The stone comes from southern France quarries.

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