Frances Richardson Commissioned For Sculpture At Bermondsey Square

The third public sculpture commission for ‘Sculpture at Bermondsey Square’. ‘Loss of object and bondage to it; Fig. 2‘ is a sculpture by London-based artist Frances Richardson, whose proposal was selected from applications to VITRINE’s open call. Richardson’s sculptural practice is an inquiry into the relationship between embodied cognition of architecture and human agency.

‘Loss of object and bondage to it; Fig. 2’ is a development of the work ‘Loss of object and bondage to it’ made during a studio residency at Lubomirov-Easton in Deptford, London in January 2014. In this work, Richardson constructed MDF supports to hold what appeared to be a draped fabric form. However, on closer inspection, the drape was found to be made of concrete canvas, a flexible concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, concrete layer. What appeared to be a relationship between a hard frame holding a soft drape was in fact a mutually-supportive relationship, with the draped forms providing strength and balance to the overall structure.

Richardson’s commission for Bermondsey Square is also made with concrete canvas, but this time it is paired with perspex, a material that has a semblance with glass and a resonance with the architecture of the site. Richardson creates structures reminiscent of remnants, suggesting a loss or absence of the original object. As with her previous work, she explores the feeling of melancholy present when a space is activated yet dormant. To mark the third installament of ‘Sculpture at Bermondsey Square’, VITRINE will be hosting a panel discussion in collaboration with and chaired by Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre. Panelists will include selectors from the open call and invited experts in the field of public sculpture, with contributions from project artists.

Frances Richardson: Loss of object and bondage to it; Fig. 2 – Sculpture At Bermondey Square – 20 September 2015 to 10 March 2016

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