George Michael Released Latest Wham Graffiti Photo

Ok this is completely silly and it’s not really art.I was walking by where George Michael crashed his car in Hampstead today and snapped this on my iphone.It is one of the better pieces of Graffiti I’ve seen in a long time.Note someone has scrawled ‘Wham’ on the point of impact.
The crash happened At 3.35 am on July 4 George, 47, lost control of his Range Rover and smashed it into a Snappy Snaps photo shop near his home.The crash buckled a door frame and shattered windows of the photo shop in the up-market high street.

After yet another brush with the law, George Michael’s luck avoiding jail has finally run out. the singer he was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail 4 of which must be served and a driving ban of 5 years. Guess he will finally need to hire a full time chauffeur when he gets out of jail. Food for thought, considering his driving record and penchant for weed, why didnt he hire a driver years ago? Updated,George was released on the 12 October he is keeping a low profile and his whereabouts is presently unknown.

Photo © ArtLyst 2010

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