Get Closer To Mona Lisa With Nintendo 3DS

The Louvre Museum in Paris – the world’s most visited art museum – has seen its audio guides replaced by specially developed Nintendo 3DS devices and software

While the rest of the world is focusing on smartphone apps, Nintendo Co Developers have developed a gallery guide which is housed within the Nintendo 3DS system. It will provide audio and visual tools – including 3D images and animation – which will help visitors to understand and deepen their knowledge of the artwork and exhibits. This interactive map also offers over 700 commentaries on the works of art, providing an expert perspective on the Louvre’s collections, along with the story behind the building itself.

The Managing Director from the Louvre explained that, ‘Through this partnership, we wanted to bring together heritage and the innovative world of interactive entertainment through a system many people are already familiar with. We feel that the Nintendo 3DS is perfect to achieve this goal. Nintendo has brought over 35 years of experience in games and game console development, and we believe that the new audio guide is a valuable tool that will help visiting the Louvre a more dynamic and rewarding experience, particularly for those that are not so familiar with a museum environment.’

The President at Nintendo Co. Added that ‘Nintendo is honoured that the Nintendo 3DS console will be able to support and provide this exclusive audio guide to such a renowned and popular art museum. Nintendo’s experience within the development of games that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age and gender, has been utilised with the aim that visitors to the Louvre museum will have further enriched opportunities to experience the exhibits on offer.’

With the dual screens of the Nintendo 3DS, you can visualise the main map of the floor you are on, and your exact position, so that you will never again find yourself lost in one of the world’s largest museums. For the first time visitor, the Nintendo 3DS will offer a choice of thematic tours, including the ‘Masterpieces’ tour, which leads punters to the museum’s key works, and the ‘Egypt for all the family’ tour, bringing to life the ancient Egyptian people, from the work of the peasants and craftsmen and the power of the pharaohs.

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