Graffiti: The unique art that speaks volumes

Are you looking for a unique and inexpensive way to add colour, style and an unexpected dash of excitement to your home? Graffiti isn’t just used for painting the streets in art, why not create some truly artistic in your home? Whether you like simple stencil-style patterns and words, or more elaborate Banksy style art, you can make a exclusive statement with graffiti. 

Many creative artists are finding ways to integrate graffiti into traditional homes as well without actually disturbing the existing vibe of the house. So the question is, where do you put it? Well apart from searching on Instagram and Pinterest for some inspo – you can put graffiti in any room! 

Go wild in the bedroom 

This is particular great if you’ve got children, they can pick their funky wall design you can get an artist in to create the art! Or even get a stencil printed and have a go yourself! I mean, how many children get to say they created and spray painted their wall in the summer holidays? Get them involved in something creative. Take their favourite show/cartoon/film characters and transform them into life on their wall – it’s certainly better than that boring blue wallpaper! 

Create ‘lived in’ vibes in your living room

Instead of putting up that photo of art in a frame on the wall, why not let the art overflow on the wall in an abundance of colour and design! Graffiti art in living rooms work fantastically well in a very plain room, were you can really let the art stand out on the wall. Take the theme of the room and go to a designer, or just have a brain storm and see if there is anything that you would like on the wall, or even take some inspiration from a particular picture – your imagination can really run wild with graffiti.

Re-inventing the vandalism 

Obviously, graffiti doesn’t just look great inside and if you have an outside patio area that needs brighten up – then why not. Instead of looking at that plain brick wall, why not create a beautiful wall art to admire on those warm summer evenings with a glass of wine? Not to mention; what a great talking point! 

Lacking on inspiration?

Take a look at some of these Instagram and Pinterest page for the ultimate graffiti inspo, and get creative! 


Official Morley


Pinterest graffiti art 

Pinterest home graffiti 

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