Have Police Found Stolen Goya Masterpiece?

Cops discover what they believe to be a stolen masterpiece by Goya; but, farcically, its theft is news to its gallery owners

During an unrelated search operation of property dealer’s house, Oshiwara police discovered what appeared to be the famous painting ‘Saturn devouring his son’ by Goya, and are now working to ascertain if it is a fake. What started out as a routine search operation for unlicensed weapons ended with Oshiwara cops convinced that they had stumbled upon the iconic masterpiece by the Father of Modern Art, Spanish painter Francisco de Goya.

While property dealer Majid Sultan Khan (32) was able to produce the necessary documentation for the two rifles and two air guns on the premises, cops then enquired about the contents of a large box on their way out. Khan said that it contained an old painting that he had bought from an art dealer. ‘When we opened the box to check the painting, we were shocked to find out that it was from the 1820s and was a masterpiece by a great Spanish artist,’ explained the Senior Police Inspector of Oshiwara police station, S. Rupwate. A close examination of the frame revealed that it was also an antique. Khan was promptly arrested.

But, farcically, no one is yet certain whether the work is even missing in the first place! And so the Oshiwara Cops have sent a report to the Spanish embassy, enquiring if the painting has been stolen from the museum, in order to determine if the one in their possession is a fake Goya (or vice versa?).

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