Holló Barna – SEARCHING FOR A POSSIBLE AXIS – Galeria Konstant-RO





February 3, 2011 – February 24, 2011


Galeria Konstant is pleased announce the personal exhibition of Holló Barna, born in 1951, an artist who lives and works in Ordea / RO.

It seems that memory plays an increasingly important role in contemporary art.

Like many contemporary artists, Holló Barna turns to the past in his struggle to interpret the present. Relying on key elements from the past becomes a modern way of approach, as they conceive the role of germs in the artistic act, for most of the artists today. Items such as baskets, fabrics with symbolic elements different materials, photos, become points of reference while accumulating that archaic preciousness true which they call themselves history bearing emblems of identity.

The approach of artist Holló Barna, whose at his first solo exhibition at Konstant Gallery, can be considered a tribute to the history of recovering an individual’s identity. Besides a well-structured conceptual approach the artist uses old techniques of transposition making them compatible with new printing techniques such as serigraphy, giving updates and continuity to the perpetuation of an artistic belief. Even if Holló’s visual vocabulary includes different elements that signal somehow the origin of the artist, re-contextualizing them bring us some clues about the reorganized and updated strategy.

The installation exposed at Konstant Gallery implies the accumulated experiences, stories of objects that have marked his existence.

 Based on the sleeping vine graft, kept in a old military suitcase until the haulm that grew out of it in front of the house, which the artist was forced by certain circumstances to sacrifice. Put out of a silent context, Barna’s objects gain a  whole new sequence, a whole new directed scenario. Like a Gothic sculptures gestures, the haulm endorses “almost shamanic” the inside space of the gallery.

Starting from the east, aiming towards the west where it is “clean” in a mirror. The artist empties the object of its original meaning in order to rebuild a new one with it. We can swing on the idea of worshiping in a way the relics of the past by organizing them and giving them effect, in a “sterile” space, saving them from an easy made interpretation.

Constantin Costea

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